Happy Kuwait Day’s

February 27, 2009  |  My Life

I guess I’m a little bit late in saying this but Happy National and Liberation Days Kuwait..

They sure mean alot but lost their meanings in this age, to the younger generations it just means Foam Day and harrassing other people day… and well that isn’t the true meaning of it. I remember when Libration came in 1991 how we went out in Mom’s old Cadillac where we didn’t even have a full tank of gas just to celebrate being free again and having the big ol’ bad bastards out of our lovely country. I remember seeing the sun shine brighter than ever. True I was just a young little girl but I still remember some feelings things that I thought..

Throughout the invasion the days felt really dark, it was as if there was no sun out in those days but once the liberation came I saw the light and happiness started flowing in everyone’s hearts.

Oh well, I guess to each their own ways of celebrating…

Happy Kuwait Days Everyone :)

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  1. I wanted to beat some those kids to a pulp! Seriously!

  2. Happy National and Liberation Days.

  3. Marzouq : Hehe you probably should have it would’ve saved alot of other lives :P

    Patrick Semaan : Thanks my dear same to you :))