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April 18, 2009  |  My Life

I have decided to stay in the place I’m at, and I will internally complain to myself about what goes on in the retail world, and not bother others but I have been given a chance at something and who knows this chance might open different doors.

I am now testing out iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 and I can tell you that having MMS, Message Forwarding, Copy/Paste, Voice Memos, ARABIC, is all worth it. Thanks to my friend who added my device since he’s a developer :)

I am in love with my cousins Isssous and Tooons, and I can’t seem to get over that fact really because well I spend all my Friday’s with them, Isous bites the hell out of me but when he talks to me in that sexy little accent of his I can’t seem to see anything else and I forgive and forget everything. Toons is and always will be the love of my life.. it’s enough that when I’m chilling on their couch I see him rushing over to me bending down, hugging me and kissing me, staying that way and then moving on. Those two boys are and always will be my sons. My children no matter what. Lulu my little sister joins them as well don’t worry I’m not forgetting her.

Twitter is just so addictive and this week we’ve seen how Ashton @aplusk Kutcher beat out CNN in a war to see who will reach the 1 million mark for followers.

Testing out alot of things right now and pretty soon I’ll be giving ideas and opinions on different things. So for now that’s it, I should head to bed so I don’t wake up grumpy and I’ll see you guys sometime soon.

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  1. Hey how is the iphone 3.0 beta 3 so far? is it stable enough? and does MMS work automatically with your service provider? Wish I could get it too.

  2. Having normal phone features are great aren”t they! LOL!

    Hopefully you find what you want at a later point!

  3. Twitter is addictive yes, they are pretty nice applications for it as well, have you tried any?

  4. Semaan, that is one uber cool website. Did you design it ?

  5. Little kids are amazing! So entertaining with the way they go on doing their thing! Allah ikhleehom lakom inshallah!

  6. ricar, thanks, yes I did.

  7. Bader : The OSBeta is cool not that stable but stable enough to use and MMS works with the settings that you modify I had to search through the net for Zain Service Settings because you couldn’t enter them manually :/

    Marzouq : Yeah they are hehe :)

    Patrick Semaan : Yeah I have tried I love twitter it’s the one thing keeping me alive on the Internet hehe :) : Amen inshalla and they sure are hehehe they drive you nuts but make you fall in love completely with them!