Trapped In An Elevator

April 26, 2009  |  Deep Thoughts, Lessons in Life, My Life

Today was one of those weird days, the days were you wonder what made you get out of bed, what made you dress up and head out to work because nothing seemed to go correctly.

Apart from the fact that you have a billion things to do because the past week you were away at a training course, there is the fact that customers come in to complain for previous Staff’s mishaps and such.

But that is not the whole point of this post, the whole point is, that a customer did come to me today and was upset with the service he was getting, he requested something that was impossible to achieve on my end and after promising to look into it, we were to head downstairs since my office is on a different level so he would pick up his new card.  And little did I know that the elevator will choose that moment to stop on us.

Seriously it was stuck in between floors for almost 30 minutes and even when we pressed on the bell no one came to help.  The best thing that I have started to do is take my mobile phone wherever I go.  That way whenever there is an emergency and I have service I will be able to phone for help, which is exactly what I did.  However they were not able to restart the elevator and therefore they ended up moving us manually until we safely reached the ground floor where they pried the doors open.

It was truly an experience, the customer himself laughed and said now you will not be able to forget this, it will go down in history.

So my word of advice, when you wake up feeling that something will go wrong today, don’t think positively, instead choose to stay underneath your covers and go back to sleep, wake up when there is no danger to yourself out there in this big bad world.

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  1. had same feeling, and had car accident two month ago

  2. jaxie hehehe that was very meridith grey of u :** i love u , chan fi9altay shwaya did a little Elevator dance, anything but not feel this blue :** i love u

  3. Reminded me from a scene in Die Hard!! LOL

  4. Good idea. I should hide under my cover everyday then :P I was stuck in an elevator once too for 45 minutes. It wasn’t here and the thing was so tiny- they had to squeeze a plastic glass of water for me to drink cuz I was about to die. lol I’m glad it’s all over for you though :)

  5. 7amdella 3asalama galby ;**

  6. 7amdella 3al salamah

  7. neoark : Salamat ma etshof shar dear

    shwaish : LOOOOOOL I was with an old geezer of a customer hehehe afsil o aseer Meredith 3ad ? :/

    MiYaFuSHi : Nooooooooooo

    Marzouq : LOL!

    Miss-Informed : Rocks are awesome hiding places no one looks there first LOL! Hehehe and yeah that would’ve sucked glad they got us out sooner rather than later :P

    ĐǻñĎõøðñ : Allah Esalmech sweetie ;)

    Maze : Allah esalmek dear :)