Twittering is Easier than Blogging

June 6, 2009  |  Apple, My Life, Random, Reflections

Twittering equals 140 characters per posting, and blogging is unlimited.

Blogging takes a while to get into, i.e. I get home from work, read all the blogs and twitter messages I missed out on, have lunch/dinner, sit with family, then when I decide to blog I find out that I’m too pooped to do so and that I have to go to bed.

Whereas, Twittering equals me posting whatever on the go and having things done faster and easier.

Therefore, I am trying my best to come back to the world of blogging because it’s been sorely missed.  And I have lots to share but due to a mental condition I am unable to remember it  :/

Seriously, I seem to be forgetting lots of things that I want to say, like this one time I wanted to blog and while it was loading the Dashboard of my blog, once it completed I was like “What the hell am I doing here? I don’t want to be here!”  So it’s driving me insane but let’s just say that in 2 days we’ll get some fun news!

Apple WWDC can’t wait for it!

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  1. I joined Twitter, and now I’m blogging more than I have in the last three months. Weird, right?!

  2. I honestly think that Blogging is better quality or better reading material then twittering, twittering is addictive but blogging you can write your story or opinion.. :)

  3. I find myself tweet more! Lately I have been super busy to post on my blog! I try but then I get blogstipated hehehe

  4. Microblogging easier than blogging ? … Superb insight ! quick let’s get it out to the world !


  5. Sou : Very weird hehehe it might have gotten your writing juices flowing again and so it’s a good input into your diet :P

    Marzouq : Still it’s much easier to twitter, if you want to just share your info with the world hehe :P Blogging is saved for longer stories :P

    Ansam : I know I get the same feeling it’s really crazy!

    TI3GIB : Wow, I knew that there were rude idiots out there or should I say moron’s but seeing someone like you is just so refreshing!

    ĐǻñĎõøðñ : I miss you too babes :* It’s been ages!

  6. Listen lady. I’m generally a very nice guy, but when I get someone who so blatantly and obviously is trying to waste everyone’s time, that old tick of mine just comes back to poke me into action.

    I apologize though, perhaps you shouldn’t take all the blame. That stupid moron who linked me here in the first place definitely gets a bite of the cake. All jolly-good fun.