Migration to the North

June 14, 2009  |  My Life

I think that just like birds we as humans should migrate to the north when the weather gets unbearable and those in the north migrate south to enjoy the summer breeze because seriously nothing beats this summer heat. It’s insane really and I just can’t stand it! I need to get out of that summer heat and vacation somewhere!


My A/C broke down the last two nights and I haven’t been sleeping at all, I got so frustrated I almost cried and went to sleep in the bedroom of Sister #3 bcos it is a million times better but then again I am not used to sleeping in other bedrooms than mine :s

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  1. I honestly can not live with a broken down A/C, there has to be a cool room.. if its warm I stay up and I only pass out from exhaustion..

  2. Marzouq : That’s exactly what happened but then I went out and bought a new Fan thingy to put in my room, Water Cooler to be exact

  3. “but then again I am not used to sleeping in other bedrooms than mine”

    Well if you plan to get married sometime…you have to be open about a room change and a bed occupied by a companion. Anyway sorry to hear about the AC. Hope its fixed now…

  4. Even the car AC seems to not be working in this heat!

  5. My name is bond : Well Marriage and the Marital bed is a whole different story at least you have someone keeping you company until you get used to a new bed but the whole thing is, my bedroom is sort of special to me and I don’t want to sleep in other rooms, I just got it to the right specifications to let me enjoy a nice night of sleep.

    Amu : Yeah it’s insane this heat! But much better than last year I guess!