Ananyah’s Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging

July 11, 2009  |  Friends, Fun

So my bestie, ananyah is celebrating her 6th year of Blogging and she has decided to hold 6 days worth of questions and prizes to celebrate those 6 years.  I think that sentence had so many things wrong with it that I won’t even bother re-reading it again.  Anywho, so today marked the first day and each day has it’s own prize, which will do me good, if she would grace it to my side *hint*hint*nudge*nudge* ;P But don’t worry it’ll be a fair game hehehe so be sure to participate.

1. A customized blog design by moi including 1 years free hosting & maintenance
2. A years Flickr Pro account worth worth $24.95
3. A £20 gift voucher from Just-Eat (UK Entries only sorry) courtesy of David Buttress
4. A signed CD by Kelis & a deluxe box set CD/DVD set of Corrine Bailey Rae live
5. 3 of my favourite French Movies on DVD
6. A handmade bath produce gift basket customized to your choice.

To participate CLICK HERE.

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  1. Interesting competition! hehehe I’m not gonna win! lol

  2. the prizes r not motivating :p

  3. Marzouq : Why not?

    Ahmed’s 819 : Well some are motivating hehe :)