Working Those Two Days

September 24, 2009  |  My Life, Work

It’s crazy that the whole country is out there celebrating Eid and all Banks as well as most of the Investment sector have got to show up Wednesday and Thursday at work. The sad part is not that we have to go to work, the sad part is that they tried to enforce that no one should take those two days off, and that you have no permission to take it as part of your annual leave nor a sick leave and if it’s done then a Warning Letter will be issued whereas management and almost ALL of the other departments are out.

Seriously, try getting some work done at a bank that practically has no one there in those important departments, and if you’re part of an organization where one person has all the knowledge about one thing, i.e. Mr. Y is the only person in the entire organization that can do one job and when he is on his annual leave or even on a sick leave no one can step up because no one knows how to do his job, then you are literally screwed. Seriously there are organizations out there that do that, and it’s a shame because Mr. Y thinks that he’s giving himself job protection or something by being the only one with that knowledge whereas the organization is being screwed over because if said Mr. Y does something bad and has to get fired then you’re out on your stinking ass and have no one with the knowledge of how to do things. So what do you do? Erase everything that was done before and set up a new set of rules :)

Oh well, my vacation was fun while it lasted I seriously enjoyed my time away from Kuwait like A LOT! I was free from all the worries in the world whereas first day back at work I am stressed already but I think that this time I am not going to take any crap from anyone and to hell with it I will be my own person within my respectable limits. I will not be so rude that I will be labelled as a witch but I will do what is needful to get my rights established and there will be no more Ms. Nice Girl. No seriously there won’t.

Anywho it’s bedtime my little furry friends, toodle-lo :)

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  1. really don’t know why banks reopened their branches in those two days ? who is in a hurry to transfer or to deposit money ?! 400,000 people are traveling during those 9 days while i believe more than 100,000 are in chalets while the rest are in malls or rest. so why why why ?

  2. awal shay ya36ekom el 3afia 3ala enkom ga3den edawmon to serve ppl .. bs enshala mo ga3den edawmon 9eb7 o 3a9er ba3ad?!!

    and i agree with the Mr. Y thingie .. i think even in my work place we have such ppl !!

    o ham i can see ena u r pissed off ur work .. o enshala u found a better place :)

  3. Ok leaving that other stuff aside..what has gotten into people in this country? this welfare system is drowning us spoiling every last bit of us, its a scary thought that most of our people find it almost immoral that they get less of a vacation, therye 2 freakin days ppl, 2 of many. I find it appalling and contradicting that Kuwaitis criticize the system and yet constantly compare Kuwait to Dubai and dread the state we are in. You blame the government, I blame the people, even in a messed up system the people should have some rationale. I see a frightening future ahead of us, if our government continues to literally cuddle its people, and the people stay in this indifferent and numb state.

  4. Of course it seems unfair but really, what is the alternative? Is it sensible that banks would be shut for 9 days?

    Perhaps there should have been more organization with regards to who could and who could not take leave but I suppose that strict enforcement is for those people who would do anything to not go to work (make up any excuse)

  5. My brother is working in a bank too. He went to work on Wednesday and Thursday. He called us on Wednesday and said that there is no one visiting the bank and he is bored. He talked to us just to feel that the time is not running slow.

  6. time to look for a new job!!!! hehe