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October 11, 2009  |  Reviews, TV

Trying to keep up with a gazillion TV Shows sounds like another job on its own and really writing the reviews or previews is kind of time consuming hehehe but fun at the same time.  I am attempting to watch a few shows this season well the total of new shows are 10 new shows and out of those 10 only a few will be renewed but here’s to hoping that most do and those that don’t are ones that are lame to begin with ;)  Here’s my preview of Melrose Place:


The CW remade 90210 last year, what is 2009 without a remake of yet another Spelling TV Show remake, Melrose Place.  And seriously what is Tuesday nights without 90210 and Melrose Place battling it out for the soap-opera-ish/drama shows for the night.  One might focus on high school kids and their way of living in high school and dealing with their issues, whereas the other would focus on grown ups and with the scandal of who killed Sydney Andrews the land-lady that everyone hated because she was one hell of a bitch.  We get to meet the tenants and start to love or hate them.  But mostly I hate Ashlee Simpson’s portrayal of Violet the chick who discovered the dead body.  I mean if there was ever a bad actress out there I think Ashlee Simpson might’ve won that award.  I like the TV Show it brings some kind of spice to the table of shows that I watch every week yet I can’t tolerate it when Ashlee speaks on the screen her voice is just freaking annoying :/ If she were to die or disappear I wouldn’t feel bad.  But anyways for now the whole point of the series is to figure out who killed Sydney Andrews and for a woman who was hated by everyone, I think the Police have their job cut out for them.  Anyone of the tenants at Melrose Place can be a suspect or hell can be the killer and that’s the beauty of it.  I am tuning in week after week to figure out who did it but let’s hope that we find out before it gets axed, if it gets axed.


Show Synopsis: With the success of The CW’s incarnation of 90210, Smallville producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavin re-imagine a new tale from the popular primetime soap Melrose Place.

The new Melrose Place follows the lives of residents in the iconic apartment complex, who pursue their dreams at any cost.

Maybe It’s Me‘s Shaun Sipos and Harper’s Island‘s Katie Cassidy play the lead roles in the primetime soap. Sipos plays bad boy David and Cassidy plays bisexual publicist Ella.

Greek‘s Michael Rady, 90210‘s Jessica Lucas, All My Children‘s Colin Egglesfield, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Stephanie Jacobsen, and singing sensation Ashlee Simpson-Wentz round out the cast of the new Melrose Place.

Melrose Place alumni Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett and Daphne Zuniga reprise their roles as Sydney Andrews, Dr. Michael Mancini, Jane Mancini and Jo Reynolds.

Melrose Place is produced by CBS Paramount Network Television. [Source: TV.com]

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  1. Hey there, nice review.

    I am currently downloading Melrose Place. Haven’t watched it yet. I saw Cougar Town which cracked me up me and my friends the other day while watching the very first episode.

    Saw Desperate Housewives, 90210, How I met your mother, Heroes, Gossip Girl and many more… Can’t get enough of them even if some were lame I still enjoy watching those rather than watching local crap which I never see but hear of .

    Nice blog you have

  2. you know i wait for ur reviews to see which new shows i should download :)

    bs so far i dont like melrose..

    ill probably watch it when the other shoes are on hiatus

  3. i liked the show but i am not hooked to it nevertheless i still watch it :P and i agree ashley simpson does not know how to act i think she should stick to singing………. i’ve read somewhere that she was kicked of the show and that in january will be her last apearance on the show ;)

  4. [T] : Thanks for visiting and I too watch most of the shows you watch. I can’t get enough of them especially How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl. Melrose Place is quite nice to watch but you’ve got to have a strong stomache for when Ashlee Simpson starts to act it just sucks right then. And I’m reviewing Cougar Town shortly :) So stay tuned.

    eshda3wa : Melrose is like something that needs to slowly build into liking it, I am not sure what show to compare it to but there should be one out there hehehe it’s hard right now bcos of the bad acting done by Ashlee Simpson but soon you’ll find that it fits right in ;P

    stuck at work : Yeah I’m glad that she is out of it! I couldn’t stand watching her anymore and that voice is ughhhhh makes me want to gauge my eyes out and pluck out my ears LOL! But thanks for visiting my blog ;)