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October 14, 2009  |  My Life

I seriously have let myself go these past few years, not really go but I’m fatter than I was in High School and that depresses me. Back then I was insanely skinny like I seriously weighed around 44kgs and I am above average height for a Kuwaiti girl well not by much I’m around 163cm. And right now I’ve gained almost 14kgs more and well it’s not evenly distributed around my body, it’s focusing mostly in the belly area and that has caused me to have a “Pepsi”(instead of Beer) Belly…

Lately I’ve become so depressed by how I look that I decided to take the intiative and check out a way to lose it, and with my favorite sister (yes she is) back home I can have a gym buddy. I decided to check out Pilates & More, one of their two locations in Kuwait and was impressed.

It truly looks like a professional place, nice, small, cozy, a bit cramped or closed in if you don’t like some tight spaces but it’s got some of the most amazing equipments out there. I really liked it and am thinking highly of signing up for a membership, but for now I am going to try out my 3 Day Free Pass to see if I truly want to continue with it or not. But I’m guessing I will, because mama has to get thin again and by thin well I need to lose at least 7kgs.

So here’s to hoping that Pilates & More delivers exactly what I want, and not giving me too much aches and pains because seriously last time I excercised was almost 5-7 years ago and I get tired from going up a flight of stairs LOL!

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  1. i lost weight real fast when i got here honestly.
    most of what i did was, drink green tea and go
    out with friend, i wud walk nearly all day long.
    in 3 years i dropped 16 waist sizes :)
    and be happy cuz stress can make u fat lol
    hope i helpd. yours truly.


  2. UR crazy !
    HERE I said it!
    itay 3aslaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. ana habait for 2 weeks
    and now 7ade 6akhait
    but i plan to start going everyday min bacher!


  4. 3thbi : I guess that’s my problem stress, because I’m stressed quite a lot hehe but oh well :) I hope that I get to shape up soon.

    Ramez : No no no Old is Old :P

    Zabo0o6a : Hehehe I’M NOTTTTTT! :P You guys see the shape you don’t see the stuff I hide LOL! Hehehe but yalla here’s hoping to disappear ;) And congrats babes!

    eshda3wa : Thanks I am looking forward to starting in November since I was a little down on the financial side LOL! What with a trip to New York and all ;)

  5. hiii there,

    I heard about Pilates and more, start to look in the net and I found ur commets:) i didnt think I can find such place in kwt, I am planning to give it a visit today. I used to go on pilates classes in the states and i really enjoy it. it can do wonders to the mood and it’s the only sport that i can do with my knee ingury;(
    I know that ur post was lil old but i really would like to hear about it now, did u join? how did u find it as a whole?