Finally I’m Back!

October 23, 2009  |  Apple, Birthday, I want.., My Life, New Products, Wishlist

After dealing with the whole malware situation fiasco I am glad to say that I am back … :) I missed blogging a lot has happened in the past few days and I really missed that! Seriously like totally did!

It’s true what they say you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it! And when I lost my blog there all these ideas to write posts came up.  I still haven’t finished writing up the reviews on all the TV Shows I follow and other stuff you know :)

Let’s do a quick summary of what has happened and I’ll talk more about it all in separate posts, ones that I will prepare to be written and posted during the week.

1. The new TV Shows are just simply awesome and amazing!

2. Apple has gone out and done it again, I’m officially the Female Bitch for Apple, because not a month goes by without their introduction of a new product that makes me drool and want to buy it the second it’s out.  This week it was like that with the new iMac 27-Inch Quad core, that’s one badass machine, the magic mouse makes me want to jump on a plane and go to that Apple Store and purchase one the moment I see it, the new MacBook’s with their unibody enclosure, and let’s not forget the little Mac Mini that everyone seems to forget.  But these bad machines are out and I desperately want the new iMac 27″ that screen will do wonders for me!

3. The year is close to an end and my birthday is coming up soon.

4. I prepared my birthday wish list and I can’t wait to post it up :P I need more out of it all!

So until tomorrow I bid you all a good night :)

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  1. hoping to read more of ur posts.
    happy birthday in advance :)

  2. eeee check out flashforward,mercy,modern family,about a girl (ONLY 2 EPS bs funny) let alone our old favs” dex,dhw,greys,office…etc lots n lots of watching to do this winter ;)

  3. haybernation at its finest ;p

  4. Did you fix the porn rating you get on Peer Guardian (forgot what the filter was)

  5. Mabroook and welcome back :)

    what was the problem ?

  6. welcome back :))
    check out my post about icity and my son’s macbook.. i think u gonna be interested in knowing what happened


  7. Welcome back! Happy to see you got rid of that Malware problem because it tried attacking my laptop and I didn’t take too kindly to that! lol

  8. Look forward to your reviews on the new TV shows. There are so many new ones out there that I’ve hadn’t been able to keep up – just mass downloading :)

  9. 3thbi : Thanks sweetie and I hope to write some more as well :)

    :/ : I am already watching Flashforward, Modern Family but not the other two and some of the old favorites as well so be sure to watch out for my reviews ;)

    :/ : TOTALLY!

    Purgatory : Not sure walla :/ I hope it did

    Frankom : Allah ebarek feeek and well the problem was that ummm I got a Malicious Software that was being installed on other people’s PC’s something with a javascript running here or something :s

    reemas : Thanks sweetie and I did :)

    Marzouq : Hehehe I would’ve thought you’d go all Jack Baur-y on that bug :P

    Mix : Yeah I know what you mean hehehe once all this is done I’ll post up a schedule of the shows I watch hehe :)

  10. I ripped it off twice!! Didn’t stop me from coming to your blog but I didn’t want to crash your server.. you know I would just call Chloe and have them shut it down.. don’t push me…