Update on Aramex = Rip Off

November 7, 2009  |  Irritated, Kuwait, My Life, Rants

I wanted to post this up on my previous post however I think that it deserves it’s own post. You remember earlier last week when I posted about how I was charged an insane amount for the iPods I ordered. Well shortly afterwards, to be exact the day afterwards, I got a call from the Manager of Aramex here in Kuwait. The manager called to ask me what’s wrong and try to explain what happened and how the rules have changed. I appreciated the call greatly but it didn’t help much with the explanation because we all know the story it’s just that things are fishy.

Anyways, because I sent over a scanned copy of the receipts I got along with the package I was told that, I had paid someone else’s customs charges (gasp) seriously I at first thought the name on top of the bill was of the guy who was inspecting the packages, I was preparing some major curses for him however I was later told that there were 2 bills that I paid for that belonged to him, and therefore there was some cash that should be returned to me.

The manager was very helpful in explaining things bit by bit. But until today I have not seen any solution. I was told that I would receive a scanned copy of things via email however nothing has graced my inbox in a while. I was told that money was going to be refunded and even that hasn’t happened therefore I am a bit disappointed but at the same time glad that someone actually picked up the phone and tried to understand, but still saying “sorry” can never help much, it can’t bring back the ‘mucho dineros’ lost here can it? :)

Here’s to hoping for a better week!

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  1. So Aramex = Rip Off ?

    Move to Borderlinx DHL pay a little bit more but save a lot of headaches “called ARAMEX”

  2. i agree .. sorry doesn’t help much!! .. el7achy ma efeed .. muéstrame el dineros .. then say sorry 4 what happened :)

  3. Yeah, things are getting very ridiculous! They aren’t supposed to charge for certain consumer products and they are mislabeling and costing people too much..