Birthday In Reflection

December 10, 2009  |  Birthday, Reflections

So, as you get older I believe your birthday parties seem to lose all their glamour that is if you have any or if anyone remembers you.  I’ve been shocked this birthday because at midnight I had nothing not even one SMS, Phone Call, Tweet, Email, Anything at all from anyone, well anyone except Daddy because I am Daddy’s favorite (yes Dee and Nee I am dad’s favorite and you better believe it!)  Seriously I love my Daddy and Mommy and sisters (yes Shwaish I said Mommy, it’s weird sometimes but maybe as we get older things might just might look a little brighter sometimes?)

Anywho, so no calls no nothing at all I slept feeling sad and woke up even sadder since even Grams forgot me :( Uncles too! But the best thing though is that I ended up getting a Kindle from Dee and a RED iPod Nano from Nee (it’s the 8GB because she’s a cheap art student but then again aren’t we all?) The iMac 27″ is currently on its way to the States and come next weekend I hope to have it in my arms, no okay not arms because then I’d just kill myself and collapse maybe on my desk.  I spoiled myself a bit during the Black Friday weekend since I ended up getting Friends The Complete Collection DVD Set and I am currently watching the first season.  I got How I Met Your Mother Season 3 and (looks around her desk) oh yeah and some cute PJs and clothes from Victoria’s Secret (Shhhh! I won’t tell you her secret!)

On my actual birthday I went out with my friend Lilo and I loved it so much seriously she means the world to me.  We had lunch at Rice and walked around in the Avenues going into the Electronics store in which she witnessed my real sense of gadget insanity, seriously she was shocked but mildly surprised :P I saw the new Sony Vaio X which is awesomely designed, freakin’ light as a feather and I just can’t imagine it.

Afterwards, headed to grandma’s and had some birthday cake which I bought and had written on it “Happy Birthday to Me” because I love “ME” so much hehe :) But yeah it was awesome.  Got mostly cash from the rest of the relatives and I liked it.  Still depressed a bit but in the end I guess we all have to outgrow birthdays? Next year I should just forget it shouldn’t I?

Anyways, here’s hoping that this year will bring 99% of my wishes to reality, oh heck I want 100% and I won’t settle for anything less!

P.S. Did I forget to mention that slightly after my birthday I fell insanely ill, with a mild case of the flu but with a major infection or something or another in my ears, nose, and throat? Yeah I currently have no voice :( I cough like a woman who smokes 10 packs of cigarettes a day, although I don’t smoke, really I don’t I promise!

I love you Daddy

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  1. Salamat and happy birthday!

  2. love you tooooo
    st. Petersburg

  3. Happy birthday sweets ;**
    Wish you a happy, long and fulfilling life inshalla.

    So you’re a Sagittarius huh? just like me, 2\12 and i gotta tell you, we have alot of things in common.

    On my birthday, though i went out with my friends to Lorenzo, yet they didn’t buy me a cake with a candle. And i spent the entire week dwelling on it as i didn’t make my birthday wish lol. And when i got out a week later with my friend, i ordered a cake for MYSELF lol how sad!! turned out my friend originally planned to surprise me with a cake but i blew it, maskeena ;P

    Anyways, hope you had fun ;** and you should know, getting old aint no fun heh

  4. Anon : Alla esalmek/ch and thanks dear :)

    kuwaittoddlermom : Thanks alot dear :)

    davinci : Yes because I am your favorite :)

    Ms Loala : Thanks hon and yeah I am we are 2 days apart hehehe it’s crazy the older we get the more they forget it’s really that crazy oh and I got some people saying they called or sent messages but I didn’t get anything, do you think Zain was that mean to them LOL! Or ME?

  5. Thanks for forgetting the most essential gift that you got this year–btesides getting me back!

  6. F : Well yeah I forgot about that you are my precious :*

  7. i really dont get why people celebrate birthdays
    i stopped like 3 years ago when i was like 15.
    i think its stupid lol. i hate it so much that i actually remove my birthday a week before my birthday so i dont get all those wall posts from people who couldnt even care less and wouldnt really know if fb didnt tell them my bday was comping up :P

    but i have to admit it does matter if people remember. and it sucks if u dont get calls or texts.