Unveiling: iMac 27″

December 23, 2009  |  Apple, Birthday, My New Toys, Reviews

So my new Apple iMac 27″ (part 1 of my birthday presents!) arrived today or more like was ready for pick up today and straight after work I headed out to pick it up.  It was an exciting adventure and I was glad that they had someone there to help me pick it up and take it to the car since the beast is quite heavy! LOL!  Hopefully that by tomorrow I will be able to post up pictures of the Unboxing of that mean machine but right now I can give you a brief glimpse of the sexy beast hidden.

For those of you interested about the costs and such in my next post I will detail everything but know this:  I ordered it via Apple Store (Online) since I have an American Issued Account and customized it to house the 2.8Ghz Core 2 Quad i7, 8GB of RAM, 1TB, and the rest of the specs are the same.  It came out to be around 700KD with tax and shipping to my DHL Mailbox.  It took 2 weeks for it to ship out and when it arrived DHL delivered as soon as it came here.  Due to our 3 day holiday I was not able to pick it up on Sunday but now that I have it I am not finished drooling.  It came out to weigh 19.18kgs which was rounded up to 19.5kgs and so I was charged 98.5KD shipping charges and 17.5KD custom’s duties (not the 5% customs).

So to recap:

iMac 27″ – 2.8Ghz Core 2 Quad i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB = 700KD

Shipping Charges = 19.5kgs = 98.5KD

Customs Clearance Duties = 17.5KD

Total= 816KD (Which is much less than the price that is available in Kuwait since I saw the 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo 27″ for almost 720-780KD at iCity)

Great Deal!

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  1. golololeeeesh :p .. ma a3aref ayabeb wela chan sawetlech 9e7a ehny :p

    3aleech bel 3afia o etkasrena bel 3afia .. wait a min .. its iMac right?! .. from Apple no?! .. etkasrena?!!!!!! mmmmmm .. i have to find another word for that :p

    i think it comes with the magic mouse right?! .. tell us about it when you use it ha :)

  2. never heard of Core 2 Quad i7..

    i have a Core i7 Processor which based on Nehalm Architecture

    so it either Core 2 Quad, or Core i7

    Main difference ? both have 4 processing cores, i7 have hyper threading, turning it to a virtually 8 cores beast.

  3. mabrooooooooooook and I want actually demand more pics :p

  4. Lucky i always wanted the iMac but i dont know for some reason i just keep buying Laptop (Macbook pro) aaaahhh … Mashalah oo bel 3afya :)

  5. mabroo0o0ok , we enshallaa kol your birthday presents comes next ;)
    really care to catch the next pictures of the Unboxing :D

  6. 1st of all Congratulations, Can You Elaborate more please about the 17.5 KD if its not the 5% because Computers are not taxable so what is this Handling Fees ? whats the deal behind these unclear jumpy invoices ?

    FYI there`s no Core 2 Quad i7 its called Core i7 all the i7/i5`s are Quad Cores

    Your Processor is Core i7 860 which uses the Socket LGA1156 is used on Core i5 and on some Core i7`s

    For more info check it here

    i7 is the Future Intel gonna Release Gulftown a 6 Physical cores Processor based on the 32nm Westmere architecture and it will be clocked at 3.33GHz with Hyper-Threading you will get 12 Logical Processor`s its Called i7-980X its one of the Extreme i7`s Family they will release it on march for $999 using the same Existing Socket 1366 and thats alone a good thing because you don`t need a new motherboard to upgrade thats the PC World Baby hehe ;)

    While us PC users are busy overclocking our 1366 i7`s our Mac Friends are enjoying the socket 1156 Congrats what an achievement :) on top of this the max thing you will be able to do in the coming years is upgrading the hard drive what a flexibility isn`t it :p i hate Macs and i hate Apple`s stupid policy of locking things up :/

    Now Happy Birthday :-D

  7. how come u did not get taxed

  8. Mubrook! So how many Macs do you own now? :P

  9. i’m just wait for the next post

  10. The Spanian : Thanks dude and yeah it comes with a wireless keyboard and a magic mouse both of which are awesome and amazing! I love love love love the magic mouse, did I forget to mention how much I love it? :P

    Mesh : Ok Ok it was a typo mistake a Core i7 is what I have I’ve got the i7 structure and yes it sure is a beast thanks for picking on that point :S

    Laialy_q8 : Allah ebarek feech babes hehe and yeah I know I demand the same LOL!

    Frankom : Allah ebareek feeek dear hehe :P

    Qortuba Valley : I have the same feelings but earlier this year I got sick of my Windows desktop and since I already had a Macbook I thought why not make it all Mac so I went with the iMac hehe it’s awesome I highly recommend!

    mo_alnady : Yaay thanks and my birthday gifts are all here unboxing pictures are just a few days away :D

    boss : Thanks for the congratulations and in regards to the 17.5KD fees they are not part of the 5% of the invoice instead it’s the clearance process you know the Banking Stamps and all along with the housing of the package until it gets cleared in a future comment I will detail the expenses exactly and straight to the point. Also thanks for pointing out my typo and thanks even more for showing me how obsessed with Windows you are. I love my iMac the way it is and I don’t feel the need to add or change anything to it it’s an awesome beast one that will last me for a long time so thanks alot :)

    psytrance : Computers are exempt from the 5% Customs Tax

    3baid : LOL! Want a head count? Powerbook G4 12″, Macbook Air, Macbook, iMac 24″ (not physically mine anymore but still mine), and iMac 27″ that brings the count to 5 :D

    majed664 : It’s up the next post is up there :D

    mark q8888888 : Thanks hon :D

  11. Mabrook! Congratulations! Thats fantastic! Tistahlain! :D

  12. Hiya ,

    Congrats :), Alah yebariklich Fee.

    I really need your advice , im planning to ship out 2 imac 27″ 1 macbook pro and 2 macbooks and couple of accessories.

    will customs charge me for em ?

    should i get em all from Icity ? im looking to customize it

    using my DHL box , i guess i will be paying 300kd approx shipping right ? O,o for those hehe.