[Unboxing] iMac 27″ Quadcore

December 27, 2009  |  Apple, Birthday, Techie, Unboxing

I know I’ve been promising to show you some unboxing photos of my baby but you can’t blame me for not getting to this any sooner, seriously especially since it’s a new toy and I need some time to enjoy it and play with it.  And it’s an amazing toy it’s so much fun and so awesome, GOD I LOVE IT! Anyways the unboxing itself left me speechless I believe it might leave you guys feeling the same.  But before I get on with it, I’d like to tell you that the screen is brilliant it’s just simply awesome and as many of you who kept on sending me those messages showing how there were many of those iMacs arriving to people with flickering displays or simply just dead on arrival I am glad to say that mine came to me perfect, simple the best birthday gift ever! The speed at which I get to do things is awesome too, multi-tasking to the core and seriously it doesn’t hiccup one bit like right now editting a bunch of pictures on Photoshop as well as browsing the net doesn’t bother it at all.  So in short, it’s an awesome machine the screen is just brilliant, the speed is awesome, and I am in love with it!  See how much I’m in love with it below and don’t tell me you’re not tempted to snatch up one of those bad boys!

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  1. it’s beautiful 3alaich bil 3afyaaa !

  2. Woooot Wooooot


    Mabrook etkasreena bel3afya :>

    So you are in love with RED skins ha ;P ?

  3. Mabrook :-) enjoy it while you can :-)

  4. mabrouuuuuuuk u deserve it!

  5. 3alaich bil 3afyaaa
    how was the magic mouse with you?

  6. Mabrook! Looks very nice!!!! 3alaich bil 3afyah! Now we are expecting some hot stuff from your work on this machine!

  7. 1. mabrooooook
    2. santa has not been good to me
    3. mabrooooooook
    4. I am crying it looks soo gorgeous

  8. s. : Allah e3afeeech/k hehe thanks dear :)

    Frankom : Totally hot! And yeah Red is my fave color of the decade LOL!

    G-Funk : Thanks but why while you can?

    Maze : Yeah I know tolerating those big babies of customers that I deal with justifies this expense LOL!

    majed664 : Allah e3afeek and I love love the Magic Mouse will be writing up a review on it soon :)

    Marzouq : Hehehe I hope so too I should start designing again now that I have a monster on my hands!

    Laialy_q8 : Allah ebarek feech babes LOL! And Santa must have you on the naughty list hehhehehe :P I know I cried when I opened the box!

  9. bil3afya, 3ah shway shway 3alah dont over use it! :P

    i just got my new laptop (dell alienware) and wala i spent the first day just looking at it.

  10. bil3afya, 3ad shway shway 3alah dont over use it! :P

    i just got my new laptop (dell alienware) and wala i spent the first day just looking at it.

  11. You’ll know by Jan 26th ;-)