[Reflection] Last Moments of 2009

December 31, 2009  |  My Life, New Year, Reflections

Here I am in the last 2 hours of 2009 well it’s now less than 2 hours but let’s say for argument’s sake that it is 2 hours, so here I am thinking back to this year.  This year in comparison to last year was so much better yet in different aspects was a bit worse.  Well in a way I can say that this year was a neutrally bad year for me because again I did not see any of my wishes come true.  Nothing that great happened but there were some ups in this year so let’s highlight some:


  1. The year started with an ode to chocolate, well if you didn’t understand what I meant, it meant that the first day of the year I went to Chocolate Bar with my sisters and their friends and had amazing chocolate and what better way is it to start a year than with chocolate.  The previous year I had started it off by crying and hating myself.  So this beginning was so much better.
  2. I am in the process of getting a promotion that I did not want and continuing in a career that I do not care about at all.  This point can be both good and bad but I think I’ll label it good because I am in the process of getting a promotion.  Next year it’s supposed to become official.
  3. I travelled to the US and instead of visiting 1 State this year I got the chance to visit 2 (Omaha, Nebraska and New York, New York!) And of the two I fell in love with New Yooooooooooooooork! Concrete streets where dreams are made of……. la la la :P But no seriously I got a chance to check out the Apple Store on 5th Avenue and fall so madly and deeply in love! It was an expensive trip, one where I had no urge to shop for myself and was a bit tired in but in the end it was awesome walking down the streets of downtown New York and enjoying the scenary.
  4. I welcomed a new baby girl cousin in late September (Sept 28) baby Lulu and she is the most adorable little thing.  She’s my new favorite thing of the year! And my new spoiled cousin.  I spoil my cousins silly, hell where have you heard that a 4 year old gets an ipod touch for his birthday! Seriously where? But I love them so much so it’s not the sacrifice that matters to me
  5. Most of my friends got what they wished for and others are still on the waiting list, to me that waiting list makes me feel as if we’re at a handbag shop and waiting to get our paws on one of those limited edition bags such as the Hermes bag (wait is it that or something else I am getting old seriously)
  6. I bought my iMac 27″ Quadcore bad boy and fell in love with Apple even more!  And spoiled myself silly on my birthday!


  1. I experienced a manager change where the place I was at became sucky and therefore was moved to a new place where I was tricked into believing that it was a good place in the end.  Same shit different location.
  2. I tried moving out of retail but was unsuccessful (read point #2 in Ups)
  3. I experienced a couple of depressing months where I just was not able to stand anything at work or any other place.
  4. Lost touch for the most part of the year with friends and family and when I do get a chance to hang out it’s a bit tense for me.
  5. My dreams and wishes did not come true and the year is ending and they are still not even close :(
  6. I turned 26 and started to lose my memory and what little I had of common sense.

And I believe that’s it for now, ever since I turned older I started to forget more, I started to feel tired more and well it’s just going downhill after being 25.  I hope that 2010 brings me better aspects of my life.  I wish and hope to quit my current job and join another one.  One where I am better appreciated and not mistreated.  I hope that I do get married sometime next year and that I end up with my own little kid sometime later because well I love 2 and 3 year olds :P I want to have a 2 year old and return the child back when it becomes 6 years old because then they become a little too annoying :P I wish to be more in touch with my friends and family and make more ME time for myself.  I really wish I have a better year and wish that you guys have a better one too.

So good bye 2009 it was not great knowing you let’s hope 2010 doesn’t really give us that finger and screw us over.  2010 I want you to be a good year please!

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  1. I hope you have an amazing year, babes! God knows you deserve it :*

  2. inshallaah all ur wishes com true this yr :*

  3. why did u get into retail if it’s not what you want to be doing? and what exactly is it that you do?
    since when is 25 old? we all forget things, it doesnt mean you’re losing your memory.
    i hope your wishes do come true and that you get married if that’s what you want but unless u plan on some sort of arranged marriage how do u know you’re gonna be married next year? :P
    i too have suffered from some of the things you have and i know how much it can suck at times lol

  4. We all have our bumps and bruises but you make most of what you have! And also quit your job and go somewhere else if you like! Don’t be hesitant! Leave retail, I know it sucks!!!

  5. Swair : Thanks I believe I will have a good one inshalla :)

    enigma :ajma3eeen ya rab as I wish your wishes come true as well :D

    ross : I got into Retail because at the time this was the only available position and I was all up to try things out but when I wished to switch out things got difficult to release me. And I’m still in retail now working in Banking. 25 is old because I’m just playin hehe :P And I know we all forget when we are stressed out but oh well. It’s not necessary that I’ll get married this year but I do wish for something to happen to me this year and once it does I’ll probably think of a way to break the news but other than that I’d prefer not to answer some of that question hehe :) And I wish you have a good year as well :)

    Marzouq : This is it, this is the year I’m out for good from retail and let’s hope I do end up some place better and not worse :) Thanks for your wishes hon and I hope you get all what you wish for! :)


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