Things I’m Neglecting

January 20, 2010  |  My Life, Procrastination, Random

Don’t you ever feel that you are neglecting something that you should never neglect? Don’t you feel some sort of anxiety throughout the day when things start getting too hectic and you start feeling swamped? Don’t you feel that sometimes nothing is worth it anymore and you’d love to go book that ticket to Paradise Lost and fly one way, have your peaceful vacation and live your life in peace?

Well, I can honestly say YES, YES, YES, and a thousand times YES!

The panic, the anxiety, the stress, everything gets to me sometimes that I start to scream and yell or just plain get angry. Sometimes my way of dealing with such feelings is by going into my bedroom, getting into bed, and sleeping away the darkness. That way I don’t think or feel or analyze endlessly!

Things that I am neglecting right now that I should not be include: going to the gym; reading; organizing my bedroom and getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or are old/books(not my novels)/magazines, and just plain spring cleaning; playing with my tech toys; this blog; my friends; and most importantly MYSELF!

I better start shaping up and get a hold of myself or else I will slip away into the long lost land of procrastination.

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  1. Hey don’t say that! , you will be sad if u felt the way u feel! sadness will make you blind , u will never ever see the beautiful things around you . “You Don’t Know Whats You Got Till iT’s Gone” so make sure 2 see it before its gone !

    Peace :]

  2. its kinda hard not to procrastinate lol

  3. A/Z : Thanks hon and I’ll try to keep an optimistic outlook so far :) Thanks for the advice

    ross : I know everything around you helps you procrastinate more and more! :P