7 Posts a Week is a Failure

January 25, 2010  |  My Life

So I failed at that but let’s put a realistic target how about 5 posts a week?:P I really should start putting in more efforts but yeah enough about that!

Sup peeps! How’s 2010 treating you so far? I’ve heard some good news from a couple of friends which means it’s off to a nice start, I believe as one of my close friends once said 2010 is the “mating year” since I’m hearing about peeps getting hitched and all that jazz, if not hitched then hatched :P Wishing them all the best.

I hope that I will have some sort of announcement to be made within the next few weeks something I’ve been wishing for a while might come true and I can’t wait for that to happen! YAY!

Mommy wants to give me my sister’s bedroom since it’s the bigger one and apparently I’ve got a lot of stuff but it’s kinda pointless at this point and time and that sister (#4) might end up killing me and burying me somewhere where no one can reach me but at the same time I wanna get that room and transform it into something hot! I’m sick of my current furniture and I fell in love with something else so I don’t know I gotta think it through!

Anyways, off to hit the sack, big day tomorrow!

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  1. sort of announcement!? it seems zawaj but since you are taking your sister bedroom it might be not ela etha kan nawy yasken 3endekom fa that’s another thing :r

  2. Hi pumpkin! :)

    if no thitched, then hatched LOL :lol:

    An announcement??? Really??? :D
    I’m excited already!!!!:D :D

  3. A/Z : Nope not even close to marriage but something more related to what’s been giving me a lot of stressful nights :)

    Elegant Chic : LOL! Yeah but not what you think it’s still too soon for what you think :)

  4. Oooh I love it when you have decorating projects! You’ve got a great eye for it, so I can’t wait for posts related to that ;p

    P.S. I’ve noticed that every time a friend re-designs her bedroom or changes it all together, she doesn’t get to enjoy it because then she’d get engaged! (remember how I didn’t stay too long in my new re-furnished bedroom?)
    So maybe that’ll be added to the announcement you’re already waiting for lol

  5. Ahem! Ahem! ;)
    Okies! :D