Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2010  |  Holidays, My Life

Another Valentine’s day approached and went and today was a sad day for me :( No rose, no heart, no wish from any of the little boys in my life.  Yes the same little boys whom I spent this past weekend with and whom I bribed with Chocolate Milkshakes to love me back and it worked but I guess they don’t remember or know what Valentine’s Day is.  Oh well, there’s plenty of time to teach the two men in my life.  For those of you wondering, they are my little cousins Toons and Issous! Walking around in one of the malls with both little boys wrapped around me was kinda nice, each was hugging one side of me and talking to me LOL! I love them and for me they are my true loves of this world :)

I hope you guys are having an awesome day today! Remember it doesn’t have to be just one day out of the year to show your love, please show it all year round.

Something I’m looking forward to catching is the new movie “Valentine’s Day” I really do hope it comes out soon Torrent-wise or Cinema-wise (although I don’t want it to be censored to bits)

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  1. The movie was supposed to come out last weekend but it’s banned. Apparently it promotes “immoral behavouir”. I was there when they took the posters down. Sad. :(

  2. Ahem ;) Not even a single flower or a wish? ;)

    Imagining Issous and Toons wrapped around u… tht would be a cute sight…
    And yeah everyday must be a Valentine’s day :)

  3. Allah eykhalehom lech

  4. You are an amazing person to be loved!

  5. Sou : Awww that sucks I really hoped that it would be out soon here :(

    Elegant Chic : Hehehe yeah see that’s my problem with V-day hehe and the boys are awesome!

    A/Z : Amen dear!

    Frankom : Thanks sweetie :)

    Maze : Awwww right back at ya!

    mazyona777 :Thanks sweetie right back at you!