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February 20, 2010  |  Pissed Off

One thing that drives me insane is the amount of broadcasts I receive from just one person! I mean seriously what do you think you’re helping me with?  I appreciate the jokes but there are some stuff that are just too annoying and really wish there was a feature to just turn off the broadcasting feature you know!

Allow you to block/hide some of your contacts or yourself from your contacts list.

The previous BBM Messenger had an option to appear offline and now we don’t have that even! For any broadcaster out there please please think twice before broadcasting a message!

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  1. And this post is not helping me at all i was about to buy one this week !!

    i think if i buy one i will add only “trusted” people :P

  2. Ukh, broadcasting addicts! I only broadcast if it’s a funny joke or something special meant for a special person (like a du3a2 for a friend of mine before exams).. anything other than that I don’t spread..

    I once got a funny one to broadcast: “Ili esawee broadcast wayed beroo7 el nar.. ensher!” LOL

  3. Frankom : Those trusted people are the ones who will broadcast and disturb your beauty sleep trust me :/

    Swair : yeah I know there are some things that you can broadcast others that you don’t hell I don’t broadcast unless it’s a full moon :P