Where am I?

March 8, 2010  |  My Life, Random

I have pulled a disappearing act again haven’t I?  Well yes I have and I am ashamed about it.  I seem to be pulling those disappearing acts more often lately and it’s not really funny or fair to anyone.  I just find it that when the going gets tough, I better get going as well.  Not that anything around here is going on tough but I don’t know I seem to have developed a fear for everything lately and that’s a sorry little thing to be afraid about.

Seriously, the fears I have accumulated these past few months have surpassed anything you might dream of.  I fear everything around me, if I am not too careful I might fear air itself soon.  But right now we’re on good terms me and air that is.

Anywho, I am on leave from work these past few days, well last 3 days of last week and this week.  I hope to organize some shit in my life right now but I am not so sure about that.  And in the meantime I might just might be preparing a bunch of posts and posting them all at once, you know maybe just maybe 2 posts a day might be the right thing to kick me back in gear or are you sure you guys might want just one a day? :P

Holla back at me if you’ve missed me around here.  I know I sure have missed the bunch of you.

P.S. Trying to look around to change the looks of things here but I am not sure that it’ll be happening anytime soon :/

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  1. missed u J :) hope things work our in your favour

  2. welcome back and enjoy your vacation

  3. Really Welcome baaack, and hope that u can get off that bad mood ;) l0o0oking forward for your posts again .. keep going J..

  4. enigma : Missed you too babes and I hope so for us all :)

    Ba6alah : Thanks my dearest :) I hope we all do enjoy our time.

    MO_ALNADY : Thanks I am looking forward to that time as well :) And to answering some emails really.

  5. welcome back. 3ad you’re one of my favorite bloggies out there

  6. I think you need a vacation and its great you are back to blogging! No more of that TWitter Crap! LOOOOL