Where is my iPad

April 1, 2010  |  Apple, My New Toys

My first order (the one I placed on March 13th) for the iPad was cancelled on the 25th of March by Apple stating they don’t ship to Forwarding companies (i.e. DHL) since that was the address I was using.  But that same night I paniced and went crazy and decided to place the order once more and put up my Aramex address since I’ve used that a thousand times before on the site and luckily enough things went through a few days later I was billed the amount for the case and iPad itself.  (Sad thing though is that I paid a higher tax amount since the shipment was going to New York rather than Ohio) and today I got a notice that said my baby has been shipped and is currently leaving Shenzen, China.

Can’t wait until I get that beautiful device in my hands.  So April will bring me fun in terms of new Apple toys YAY!

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  1. prefer not to disclose my name


    بلغي سلامي الحار للسيد الوالد

  2. Mashalah lucky you coz Apple canceled 2 of my friends shipment on Aramex for mail forwarding

  3. i think it just luck that keeps our orders to DHL or Aramex still valid :D hope that i can put my hands on it next week ISA

  4. im loving the ipad personally. what do you think of it now? was it upto your standards?

  5. prefer not to disclose my name : Thanks he reads my blog so he’ll probably have read this :)

    Qortuba Valley : Hehehehe the secret was to quickly reorder and it would go through :P

    Mo_alnadY : Inshalla you’ll get to enjoy yours next week :)

    iPad Forum : Who doesn’t love it and well anything apple lives up to the hype. But I seriously can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  6. Yala inshalla you get your toys soon! Mabroooook Moqadaman!! hehehe! :D