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April 7, 2010  |  Apple, I want.., iPad

I’ve got iPad Fever, if any of you got a chance to check out the websites opened in my current browser (read: Google Chrome) you’d find that most of the articles are about the iPad.  I’ve read quite a lot about it right now in preparation for the arrival of my device this weekend (inshalla *crosses fingers*) and one f the things I am checking out right now is the Unboxing Video of the iPad that was taken by Engadget [Link] seriously it made me wish I was in New York, right there on 5th Avenue waiting in line just like I did back in 2008 when I waited in line for the iPhone 3G!

I am such an apple obssessed geekette that it’s not even funny! I am slowly rolling down a slope that will probably turn me into a giant apple, hey that might be why I’m gaining some pounds here and there turning me into an apple (just kidding!)

Since last weekend was filled with Apple News I’m choosing to share these few photos I saw of the great Steve Jobs hitting one of the stores to check up on his minions grabbing the latest toy to add to their collection and hell even Jonathan Ives the designer checked in on one of the stores and walked out with 2 iPads.  I am soooooo jealous it’s not even funny! [Link] [Link] [Link]

Anywho, I’m all ready right now downloaded a bunch of free iPad apps, downloaded some paid iPad apps, and I’ve basically read everything out there, reviews about the apps themselves, reviews about the iPad, hell this one guy wrote a user guide on how to set up your iPad for use in the bathroom, because let’s face it we are all using our phones there now checking our tweets, emails, IM-ing (although we choose not share it with others at the time) and giving ourselves some form of entertainment while in there.  Before the iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad I had my Archie Books and I still do LOL!

Anyways so you can sort of say I am on hiatus until I get my iPad but knowing myself tomorrow I might post something else just to pass the time and get my head out of the gutter a bit LOL!

Here’s hoping that Kuwait Customs are in a good mood and don’t tax my iPad or are in bad mood to make it sleepover in the weekend there! *crosses fingers*

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  1. LoooL and i thought im the only crazy one to buy the apps be4 i get the iPad :P
    but ill have to wait till after the 15th to get it :(

  2. I hope you get the iPad with no custom delays:) I got mine from the 5th avenue store! It was reallly packed, trust me you didn’t miss much.

  3. IPAD has a WIFI problem

  4. Interesting seeing them waiting in line and checking out the crowds!

  5. FhD : Hehehehe no I am there with you in the crazy bin don’t worry about that LOL!

    Mrs Drakvl : Mine was hit with some Custom Delays but the fun thing is getting to stand in line in the packed store seriously whether it’s packed or not it’s still fun LOL!

    mahmoud a.f. : Not all of them it depends on your wireless router I believe.

    Marzouq : Yeah I know LOL! it’s like they’re checking their handiwork :P

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