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April 18, 2010  |  Apple, iPad, Reviews

I will try to break from the herd and not post a review about the device yet, let them all say what they’ve got to say about this beautiful device but I instead will chose to write about the different applications and games that I fell in love with when I got my iPad.  Most of you would ask, should I get an iPad?  Well if you find that you will enjoy any of the below apps or games then I will answer you HELLZ YEAHHHHHZ!

So it’s been a week, and basically I’ve been using heavily the following apps: NewsRack, Instapaper, Air Video, Diner Dash Green Grill, Angry Birds HD, WeRule, GodFinger, Twitepad, iBooks, and Kindle.  Let’s not forget the main apps that came with the device itself Mail, Safari, Photos, iPod, Video, etc.  But today I will be reviewing the purchased apps and not the ones that came with the device.  Bear with me this is a long post and will probably bore you eventually but hey I don’t really care! :) So here goes:

Diner Dash Green Grill – (4.99$) We all remember the game Diner Dash, we’ve played it on multiple devices from the Nintendo DS all the way to the iPhone version.  Well now they have released a version for the iPad and to say that it is beautiful it’s an understatement.  Seriously, the colors are beyond amazing, the speed at which you move is awesome, it’s so easy! They really hit the jackpot with this game, I can’t wait to see more of these games come to the iPad.
Angry Birds HD – (4.99$) I’ve been hearing about this app for the iPhone for quite sometime and the fact that I saw it on the Top Featured Apps for iPad and iPhone made me curious to check it out! Basically it’s a point and shoot app where the birds are angry as fire and want to seek revenge on green pigs who stole their eggs.  You’ve got the birds in a sling-shot and you pull them back to aim at those filthy pigs to try to eliminate them.  It’s a fun past time game and let’s you just chillax while you’re on that couch.
We Rule – (Free) We’ve all been sucked into this virtual world where we play games that makes us think that we are really awesome.  This app reminds me more of the game “Farmville” available on Facebook than any other game, but wait there is this new one on Facebook it’s called “Social City” so basically you’ve got a Kingdom that you rule and what you’ve got to do in it is farm, build cottages for the villagers, build stores to sell your products to your friends and become the ultimate ruler there is.  It’s fun and interactive, not to mention that you get to join a live community where there are others out there building their own kingdoms.  It’s loads of fun and a great way to pass some time!
GodFinger – (Free) Brought to you from the same makers of “We Rule” [plus+] this game is similar in idea however instead of owning a Kingdom you own a world/planet and you control the weather and crops and all that jazz.  You’ve got followers and you’ve got to take care of them.  It is also interactive and let’s you join a community therefore I love playing it.  I can’t wait to have more friends join me on the fun!
NewsRack – (4.99$) I never thought that we would be so tied down to our RSS feeds, back when I was young I never thought that I would read my feeds religiously (almost) but I can’t go a day without catching up on my Tech Blogs/Friends Blogs/Entertainment Blogs! It’s our way of keeping in touch with the world and what better app is there that synchronizes so well with your Google Reader.  The interface is beyond awesome, I used to hate reading blogs on my iPhone because of the small screen but now I can find myself propping down on the couch and flicking through my feeds while checking out the latest movie on television.  And for that price tag it’s seriously a steal!  Reading Feeds has never been this much fun!
Instapaper Pro – (4.99$) How many times you opened a webpage and got busy with something else only to find that you haven’t read this page, only to later find out that you are going out and there will be no internet connection and it would be the ideal time for you to read that page?  Well Instapaper has been around for a while and it’s a way for you to save web pages for offline reading.  Whether it’s on your iPhone or iPad it’s beautiful it gives you a clean screen with no distractions just to sit there and read.  And guess what I caught up on quite a few things while I was at work when I had nothing to do.  All I did was bookmark a few pages to read later and sync it before I left the house and viola!
AirVideo – (2.99$) Do you basically start downloading some of your TV Shows early in the morning while you head out to work and wait until you get home to watch them?  Well do you also feel anxious to get home just because you really wanna know what happened on the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Well I just found this awesome application that’s called AirVideo, basically what you do is establish an Internet Server where you share a folder that has your video files and wherever you are in the world granted that your computer is turned on, you get access and can stream the TV Show or movie onto it! It all depends on the speed of your computer back home [Marzouq I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this and you’ll probably love this app insanely!] And for only 3$ having your library of 120GB or more movies on the go is awesome! Seriously totally awesome!
Twitepad – (1.99$) The iPhone and iPad face a problem when it comes to multi-tasking well until the new OS 4.0 is released and that’s simply because only then you can do some multitasking on those beautiful devices.  So what does this have to do with a Twitter App?  Well simply put, Twitepad allows you to multitask without any problems. It’s a twitter client with a built-in browser one that you can surf on as much as you like, but wait that’s not all! You can have multiple-tabs in this application so simply put not only do you get a Twitter client you get a browser with multi-tabs!  Only pet peeve I hated was the fact that when someone writes me a tweet it doesn’t change color to differentiate itself from the other tweets. Oh and let’s not forget it allows you to run multiple Twitter accounts.
iBooks – (Free) The name explains itself it’s basically an eBook reader one that rivals Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s nook, Sony’s eReader, along with many others.  The only difference is that this was made by Apple’s people and this rivals the others in the beauty of the application.  You get multi-touch features or gestures; I am not sure if it’s okay to say that but seriously the beautify of this app is how you open the book, you flip through the pages and it feels as if you are holding the real thing.  Only problem is that the books are quite expensive in comparison to Amazon’s Kindle.  But seriously it’s a great app to have on your iPad.
Kindle – (Free) This application needs no explanation, seriously who here and now doesn’t know what a Kindle is? What is the difference between Kindle and the iBooks app?  Well no fancy page turn and a cheaper books store one that carries more than a hundred thousand books.   And seriously one that I have purchased close to 80 books on and would love to read it on my iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PC, Mac, iPod Touch, and more! When I launched this application I just saw the beautiful colors and how gorgeous the text appeared and felt OMG I’m going to read more often now! This baby’s display is beyond awesome!
Total Bill for the above mentioned apps? Only a few of the ones I already downloaded is 24.94$
All Apps & Games can be found in the US iTunes Store and all of the above screenshots were taken from there as I was too tired to take some myself :D

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  1. am just waiting for my salary to buy one !

  2. i LOVE it. and i totally like ur idea of not reviewing the device ;)
    i’m addicted to angry birds on my ipod touch and on the ipad i’m sure it will be CRAZY lol
    i think the AirVideo app is simply awesome :) and the iBooks and kindle are a must have for me. i think that amazon have given their kindle a kick in the ass when they created a kindle app for the ipad. i’m not sure it’s a smart move from their side ;p

  3. oh, and i forgot to say GREAT JOB reviewing ;D

  4. Great Collection of Apps and Games, Thank you great review

    i really like We Rule game but i need to expand my kingdom :p

  5. Thanks jacquies for the wonderful review. well done! I bought all of them :)

  6. Very very nice break down of Apps! I have a surprise coming too! :P