Happy 6th Year Blog-o-versary!

May 17, 2010  |  Birthday, My Life

Time sure does fly by quickly, can you believe it that 6 years ago I started blogging and I am still going at it, in those 6 years I’ve met so many people, so many new faces who started blogging along with me but out of those let’s say 80% have quit whereas 20% are still continuing.  Meeting these people has helped me learn a lot of stuff about how others live in Kuwait or how they carry out their lives.  I’ve learned a lot about myself as well.  It is on this eve that this poor little blog was born, born out of boredom, born when an old friend of mine (one whom unfortunately I’ve lost much touch with) introduced me to the world of Blogspot, a world where I got to write every crazy thought that came to mind and well not so crazy thought.

I would like to take this post, the monumental post of my turning 6 years old to tell you all that I have quit my job :) The job that so desperately made me miserable is almost over I am serving my notice period and then I’ll be out since I’ve had it.  I can’t tolerate it much and think that it’s time I make a change.  Other plans are in store for me and let’s hope they become successful ones.  I need your prayers and best wishes everyone because this quitting thing is kinda scary makes one think that they are starting all over again.  All from scratch.

What’s in store for this new year on my blog, well for starters I want to congratulate myself on staying a whole year and a half without changing my template hehe (which brings me to my next point) I had something prepared for today but unfortunately time is of the essence and it is not yet complete so let’s see when exactly you will see me in my new look, perhaps on the eve of my new job or the time where I will be unemployed.  Unfortunately I will not stay that way for so long but for a short period.

Listen, I want to thank you all, each and every one of you, those who comment and those who read silently.  My best friends and those close friends whom I know vaguely online.  I want to thank you all in cheering me on in my lowest points and standing by me in my craziest points.  Without these kind words I probably would’ve given up.  I am saddened that I did not have a blog back when I was in High School or Middle School this serves as an awesome way to keep a diary and trust me I’ve bought my share of empty diary books to start writing in them (a.k.a. Elena/Stefan from The Vampire Diaries) but unfortunately I would start with one or two days and then off that book went to the bottom pile.  I am grateful to having these records to look back on in a few years, I still am amazed at how I used to be and what I have become.

Here is to a bigger and brighter future.  Happy 6th Blog-o-versary Blog :* May this new year bring us lots of joy and make our dreams come true *crossing fingers* I would like to ask each and everyone of you faithful readers and silent ones to comment on this post as I wish to see the different faces I have met along the years.  Please make this one wish come true :)

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  1. Good, quit that job and find something else, about time you did.

    Happy 6th.

  2. Purgatory : I had to reply to you because I wanted to mention you were my very first commenter on this blog and now on my anniversary post thank you so much for all the support you showed me these past few years :) I didn’t expect a comment from you this time but you shocked me :) Thanks alot my friend!

  3. كل سنة ونتي طيبة يا مدام نهى


    im not a apple fan and for that im one of those silent readers. but none the less, congrats are due:

    well done, keep them post rollin’ so that i continue be hatin’

  4. 3o2bal el 100 sena :) Happy Anniversary

  5. Aww!! Happy 6th Blogiversary sweetie :**

  6. You did not expect a comment? shame on you ;p

    by the way when I wanted to comment I got details for someone else in the box above, check and see if there is a bug somewhere (using Google Chrome).

  7. I started forgetting my blogs anniversary! I’m too busy writing about other points! I hit some interesting landmarks and didn’t pay attention to them!

    You should keep up the posts your doing! They are amazing and lots of fun!

  8. good luck, keep on blogging :)

  9. Good Luck :) n Happy Blogging Year…

  10. q8othug : Thanks hon and I really appreciate your kind wishes hehe :)

    swera : Ajma3een enshalla LOL! Thanks sweetie ;*

    Pisces Chick : Awww Thanks 7oby :*

    Purgatory : Hehehe yeah I didn’t think you were still around you were quiet for a while and I dunno about that it might be something with Chrome but not me :/

    eshda3wa : Thanks 7oby :*

    Marzouq : AWesome you just love how into Mac I am at the moment and therefore you’re loving my posts LOL!

    pearls : Thanks sweetie and I sure will :)

    Amu : Thanks my friend and thanks again :D