So Lazy, So Behind

May 27, 2010  |  My Life

Seriously I’m so lazy these past few days it’s insane! I got a lot on my plate but at the same time I am messing up my sleeping pattern.  This weekend I have to get crackin’ on a couple of things.  The first and foremost is getting a couple of posts up about different topics that I wanted to write about or that I should’ve wrote about.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post I really loved you guys for it! Thanks alot really! And here’s to hoping this is a better year for my blog :D

Now let me hit the sack and oh wait lemme tell you guys! I got the new iPad 3G model and I also quit my job.  Oh wait I think I mentioned this before but I’m not sure! Anywho tooodles!

P.S. If you get an opportunity to travel to New York for 5 days would you take it or just stay here and avoid all the travel time?

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  1. allah e3enich banking does suck ur time if not life out of u
    bs inshallah once u get used to it .. ull find the right pace and be able to catchup again with everyting :)

  2. good news
    who will pay for the Hotel in NY
    IPad # ??

  3. kilshay yeswa now even law 5 hours there hehe :)

  4. 5 days in NY is never to be missed :))

  5. Jobs are overrated! ^_^

  6. Unless… x_O they’re not.

  7. no3ik : Inshalla I hope I do and banking sucks it just is the worst thing out there :s

    davinci : LOL Daddy will pay for everything because daddy loves Jacqui :*

    Frankom : LOL! Sej?!

    Amu : Hehehe I know I don’t know why I’m thinking about it!

    Hamad : Totally hehehehe you can always depend on Daddy for an income :P