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May 31, 2010  |  Reviews, Shout Outs

I’ve been meaning to order something from “The-Manhattan” and yet I kept putting that off until recently when I saw that they had the famous “FootzyRolls” available at an awesome pricing scheme and available ahead of their re-launch of their website (sad that the website was down once we got paid LOL!)

Anywho, so late one night I decided to hell with it, I want a pair and I always always get stuck when going out in my heels since I hate walking in them, so let me paint you a regular picture that I experience most of the time.

Every other Thursday after work I decide to go to the movies with my Aunt and sister (sometimes we include the kids) after work.  Anyways so I don’t get a chance to go back home and change out of my work clothes but since most of the time I’m in smart casual it’s fine.  But my only problem is that I wear heels to work and I can’t really work in flats because (it’s against the dress code HAH!) anyways back to the main story.  So I go to the mall and start walking to reach the cinema and that really is painful and so I keep on wishing I had some of my flats to wear but where would I stuff them.

[Footzyrolls enter the scene]

That’s where the Footzyrolls show their true colors, and that’s where they did, a few weeks ago in 360 Mall I was walking in painful shoes I got fed up and luckily enough I had my Footzyrolls in my bag, I took them out, unrolled them slipped them on, and I was in instant heaven.  It was really awesome walking in them! I could go on for ages.  It was right then and there that I decided this was the best invention ever and I have kept those shoes in my bag ever since!

So, back to The-Manhattan, I placed the order late one night, and I got a confirmation email earlier the next morning saying they would be delivered that same day at 4-8 and for me to provide them with an address.  And literally that was it.  It was so simple so easy I loved it! So to The-Manhattan team I would like to commend you on a job well done and I’d love to tell you to please go ahead and keep up the great work!  And to my Footzyrolls I wanna say “I love you soles!” :P

For more info please contact them here:



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  1. Thank you CouchAvenue Team for posting about our FootzyRolls! We’re glad you like them! New styles/colors coming soon :)