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June 20, 2010  |  Random

It’s kinda been ages since I’ve done one of these but since it’s short and cool I think I will attempt to do it.  The tag is called “il Sultani Tag” apparently so here goes:

The rules are as follows:
*Mention who tagged you.
* Write 6 things or secrets people would never guess just by looking at you.
* Tag 6 bloggers.

So here goes:

I’ve been tagged by the ever so annoying yet cute new mother Swair and someone else I keep forgetting who though I think if I am not mistaken Chirp.

  1. Whenever anyone meets me they immediately think that I am a stuck-up jerk/snob however they are so far away from the truth it’s not even funny I guess this is because I am so quiet and I don’t talk unless I’m spoken to.  I kind of need at least a month to warm up to you so I can start to become familiar with you and become your friend.
  2. I am a organized freak even though my room and sometimes desk don’t show it, I sometimes give up organizing things because it’s just too messy and I don’t know where it starts but I hate messes.
  3. I am loyal to the bone.  I may have fights with you, we drift apart but I can forgive eventually but not forget.  I still stick with my loyalty to you even if I say hurtful things when I get hurt.   Not to forget that once an occasion occurs I forget everything and try to be there in full body and spirit mode.
  4. I am a hoarder, I can’t seem to give away things even if it means that I will live in a full room forever, everything has a memory and a reason to being there and therefore I can’t just give it up, and don’t get me started on my gadgets and how I can’t even let them go when they get old!
  5. Retail Therapy may help some when they’ve got the blues but for me it’s Retail Tech Therapy that helps me out, there is nothing like unwrapping a new Apple toy that will get me out the deepest blues and into the sunshine!
  6. I treat my gadgets like my children and someday I hope my children treat my gadgets in the same way.

And now I tag: Ananyah, Sou, Purgatory, Frankom, Danderma, and MAZE

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  1. 6l3tey a7san miney hehehe :)

    a7rajteeney now LOL :)

  2. Thanks for doing the tag, about time HAHA :p
    So how does it feel being away from us? I’m jealous, sometimes something happens and im like OOH i’ll email Jax then i realize you are no longer here :( Boo-Hoo
    BTW I messed up my blog format theme thingy! I am SO not technologically advanced lol.

  3. not related to post:

    i admit it! im pretty impressed of the quality (baring in mind its in daylight)


    thought this might be interesting for you


  4. great insights :) thanks

  5. Frankom! looool! A7rajteeny!

    Hehehe! U kick ass Jacqui!

  6. Frankom : Etsadeg kent nasya el mawtho3 once you commented et’thakart LOL! :P

    Chirp : Hehehe totally about time! And in a way I feel much more relaxed now that I’m away from that atmosphere and you could always email me normally!

    q8othug : Yeah it was interesting and the quality is unbelievable and awesome!

    Summer : Thanks dear :)

    TaZmaNiA : Thanks dear :)

    Marzouq : Hehehe why do I kick ass again? :P