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July 25, 2010  |  My Life

I blame my latest subscription to Orbit Showtime Network which has made me procrastinate even more than I already have! I ‘ve been meaning to write about the iPhone 4 and post some unboxing images but I just can’t since well I’m busy watching “Clean House” or “Tacky House” or any of the E! Shows, if I’m not doing any of that then I’m catching up on White Collar, Covert Affairs, Pretty Little Liars, Hot in Cleveland, and my good ol’ favorite Charmed DVD Collection.

Yes I have literally become the official couch potato but wait in my home I’ve got 4 other contenders for the title and so far Fee has the lead.  Hehehe I just had to say it!

So it’s been almost a week with the iPhone 4, I still love it and don’t find the antenna issue to be that huge since I like my gadgets fully clothed and not naked so I am not facing that issue, be on the look out for a review after the unboxing post in which I’ll give you more details about everything else.

This past weekend was awesome I had a lot of fun! And it’s sad that my boys are leaving next week to the UK, I wish I could hitch a ride with them then I could get to spend time with my bestie ananyah! But oh well so sad.   I’m trying to go and see “Salt” and “Inception” but so far I haven’t gotten a chance maybe tomorrow and the day after I would.  Who knows for now I should try to move away from the couch and live life a bit :P Don’t you agree?

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  1. etha entay couch ana 3yal bed :D lol mjabla el mac o online episodes wa7ed wara ethani! trying to catch up with Gossip Girl :D

  2. mishkila hal iphone 4 :)
    ana itha 9ar ma3ay samsung atwaqa3 ma a6la3 (shd3wa) :)

  3. mbroooooooooook gooood gooooood :P
    tabeeen bumpers:P?

  4. i just got my iphone, bt discovered that viva doesnt have micro sim for calls so im stuck sabotaging the useless sims trying to get them into a micro sim

    im failing pretty hard so far :(

  5. swera : 3alainaaaa bs gossip girl? :P Kelesh mo emzargatlich White Collar in between ha :P And yeah I know I can be a bed potato sometimes too! :P

    Frankom : Hehehehe laish meshkela 3ad :P And why a Samsung? :/

    fereej : Allah ebarek feeek and no I’ve got one and 2 cases too :D

    ali : No I think VIVA does have the MicroSIM cards just make sure you speak to someone who understands what they are doing a bit before talking to them you know :s

  6. Being a bum is awesome! I enjoy it consistently! lol

    But Orbit and those channels just don’t do it for me! lol

  7. Marzouq : Hehehe no they are doing it for me a bit :P