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July 27, 2010  |  Books

I think that writing things down that you want to do is the key to doing them.  Seriously, yesterday morning I was in the office and playing around with my new iPhone 4 and well testing out some new apps I downloaded, one of which is called “Tomorrow-To Do” or something of that sort, it looks like a moleskine book in which you can write a to-do list.  So I listed the following items:

  • Start Reading
  • Organize and Catalog Books
  • Organize Closet
  • Write iPhone4 Unboxing Post

Out of that list I was able to do only 2 items and the reason why I didn’t complete it was the fact that I started organizing my closet and thinning it out at 9:30 while at the same time Sister #4 was busy cataloging my books, once I had done one part of my closet I started on placing the books on the shelf and well let’s just say that I did not finish work until 1:30AM! But the end result was beautiful and let’s just say that my bookshelf wasn’t able to hold all my books and therefore Sister #4 took custody of some.

Can anyone guess how many books I’ve got?

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  1. Purgatory : Wrong :P

  2. aaahhhh el books 3athaaaaaaaab :)

    kaniiii yaya a6b wa5taaar wa7ooos ben el hotties :P

  3. *loveeeeeeeeee*

  4. Those are nicely stacked! Good job Jacqui! Shakes hand and pats on back :D

    All of them are uniform length-wise! :)

    Lady, start a library, will ya? :D

  5. you have a book problem, i have a shoe problem

    222 books:p




    p.s. I should also point out that I am the bibliophile/book-a-holic in this family and it started through Jacquie but it will end with me.

    p.p.s. No matter what you say those babies are migrating with me to my home and i’ll make your guest bedroom right next to the library so you can come stay over and read.

    p.p.p.s. You know i deserve them more because i’ve read all but 10 of them.

    p.p.p.p.s. i love you :p

  7. 555 more or less

    May I ask what’s your favorite love story ?
    Can you recommend some novels to me !

  8. Oh cool i see desperate duchesses by Eloisa James. I bought this as a present to a friend a while ago :p
    nice collection btw.

  9. swera : LOL My sister would kill you she says they are not for sale or for rent all men belong to her :/ Although they were bought with my money :P

    Enigma : I loves more!

    Elegant Chic : Hehehe can’t start a library I don’t like sharing and they are stacked that way because Sister #4 did most of the work :P

    Frankom : Wrong :P

    Co0oly : Totally! :P

    fajorie : Almost there :P

    Laialy_q8 : Wrong guess but yeah we sure do! :P

    Sister no4 : CALM DOWN DIMWIT! :P And the books will come to me if I ever move into a new house, you’ll still have college and they’ll be home alone with mother there, I don’t trust them in the house without me or you babysitting them. And you don’t deserve them more I do, I made that library into what it is! I spent thousands! And I don’t love you! :P

    Tulip : You went too high but you’re close as well :P And I’ve got a ton of favorites if you want I can give you some by Author :P

    Herolike! : Hehehe I know I want a small cozy library/study room with ceiling to floor shelves *sigh* that’s my dream!

    Rotsu : That belongs to Sister #4 but I haven’t read it yet and I know I love my collection with all my heart!

  10. Ooh so it’s around 400 !
    Yes plz do


  11. 376!

    Thats a lot of books! Did you ever think of giving some of them away!?

    I need to reorganize all that I have as well! Its a mess! hehehe!

  12. Tulip : Yeah you’re the closest :P

    Marzouq : Maybe you counted those in my room only but the total is 400+ and NOOO I WOULD NEVER GET ANY AWAY!!!! They are my babies how dare you suggest that!