Dual Citizenships

August 1, 2010  |  Deep Thoughts

Something has been bothering me lately, and that is the fact that the government is mixing two different scenarios and treating them the same way.  I understand that there is a situation with the dual citizens of the Middle East (i.e. you are a UAE citizen and you’ve got a Kuwaiti one too or any other GCC citizenship + Kuwait) the matter was that those people would be getting government benefits from both countries and therefore taking more stuff from Kuwait than they should have.

But what I don’t get is why they are adding into those ranks those who were born in the US or UK or any Western country.  I mean the parents are obviously fully Kuwaiti, they were in the West for one reason or another, so why are you mixing matters.  They are Kuwaiti and they had an option of being born abroad.  The US doesn’t care about what your original nationality or citizenship and they’d give theirs to those being born there.  The benefits there don’t even come close to what Kuwait is offerring but again I want to stress those are Kuwaitis born in Western countries not Foreigners given the Kuwaiti Citizenship.

One thing that sucks is for those who have the American/British/Australian/Western Passport is that if they give it up they will not be able to go back into that country again because they would need a VISA and the embassy wouldn’t grant one since they are technically still a citizen of that country.

So why are you being so weird Kuwait?  Why are you treating both situations as the same?  And okay since you are why don’t you penalize those in the high class families first?  I believe that almost 50% of Kuwaitis were born abroad so why are you hurting those, rather than penalizing the idiots who rob you of your benefits, those who come from different GCC countries change their name get your citizenship, reap your benefits and take a short break go back home and use their main identity to reap more benefits.

I am just hating the double-standard and I kept quiet for a long time but I just can’t stand it anymore the two situations are totally not the same and therefore should not be treated that way.

Just my 2 cents.

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  1. Actually, you can’t give up the American passport !!

  2. Well its been there forever! I have heard ppl who gave up their American citizenship and then went back and reclaimed them back.

  3. Well.. Simply, look at the people who are born abroad and have the US nationality.. They’re not exactly the same ‘class’ of people with the Saudi nationality. Those with dual Gulf nationality are mainly those who have ‘tribal’ origins, and unfortunately they are the majority, and they reap the benefits of both. In order to stop this law from being implemented, they use those of Western nationalities as leverage because they know who they are.

    There is absolutely no comparison, I agree.

  4. I don;t get the “high class” comment since I belive most who do this are not high class (unless you’re talking about power or money here which also doesn’t mean high class) …
    and I agree with you about the rest but I heard (and I am not sure) that situation where people have passports from the USA , UK etc … they usually turn a blind eye to since the law came to target the people who try to make benefits … but anyway u have a point

  5. Its a law for all or no law at all.

    “if they give it up they will not be able to go back into that country again because they would need a VISA and the embassy wouldn’t grant one since they are technically still a citizen of that country”

    Surely they can do better than that..

  6. God i hate politics and won’t seem to fully understand it :(

  7. His,

    yes you can give up your American citizenship therefore they revoke your passport.

  8. Two things! You can’t give up the American Citizenship, once you have it you have it. When you give up a passport you can reclaim it the next day, giving up the passport for the US or UK is not the same as giving up your citizenship of the foreign country. Also in reality the Kuwaiti government has no way of knowing that you have dual citizenship.

    I agree that they should differentiate those who do have dual GCC citizenship, that shouldn’t be allowed at all and the governments should colaborate to make sure that this is clear.

    From what I have seen there is no set class to people who do or don’t have dual citizenships in regards to western countries. It really is a varied variety of people who have it and no specific reason as to why they do but their own. So in this case they aren’t targeting specific people, but there isn’t much they can do either to those with Western Countries as they retain the citizenship no matter what.

  9. His : Well apparently that’s what they want the people to do.

    Amu : Yeah but that’s not really wise I mean sometimes it’ll come and bite people back in the bum.

    Enigma : Well said!

    q8travelbud : I used the word “high class” for a lack of a better term but what I would be referring to are people with higher connections (i.e. Diplomat kids, Royalty, Parliment Families, etc.) if you get what I mean now and so I chose that word for a lack of a better choice. And I’ve heard about the turning of a blind eye but in the end when they want to take an issue they will put that eye back in its place and try to shake things up.

    Marco Polo : But it’s different practices, different situations. And sometimes countries can be mean and try to stop you from entering their soil if you gave up their citizenship/passport.

    Ms Loala : I know I hate it too but this was an issue that pissed me off.

    Sarah : Thanks for the clarification.

    Marzouq : Okay you gave it up and went the next day to take it, what good did you do? What will it do to help or solve the situation at hand. They are stating they will be checking those who turn 18 and have a different birth place whether they have another passport/citizenship and thus signing you on documents and such. So we lie in order to be able to enter another country? And yeah they should differentiate and the comment about the class was misunderstood so I guess I clarified it above.

  10. Marzouq,

    You are wrong! You can renounce(give up) any citizenship including the Kuwaiti one.

    Here’s a link on how to renounce your US citizenship


    I know of Kuwaiti citizens taking benefits from multiple countries. For example they carry a Canadian passport and declare no income here and therefore get both assistance(which many call welfare) and also child benefits etc. And also receive funding from Kuwait. This isn’t fair to either the Kuwaiti People nor the Canadian Taxpayers. Hence, I honestly feel that if one wants to receive benefits in one country he must prove he isn’t receiving benefits in the other rather than revoking citizenship.

  11. I think we have many issues in Kuwait to worry about. People like Juwahil have a point to some extent but they way they are doing it is so not classy! I am trying so hard to be on their team but what I feel is embarrasment Ya3ni fashllaaa

  12. well said Sarah, I was about saying the same thing about the Canadian example, and similar cases in the UK. some of you guys including Jacki, are trying to pretend they are not racist, but I guess you need to try harder. We are talking about the basic principle of breaking the law, the law is very clear, whom ever carries another citizenship by choice is committing a crime, it didn’t say GCC or only the badou are criminals and Jacki and her social class are angles of heavenly decent.

    plz stop the act and just say you hate badou and wish them of their land. When breaking the law, there is no difference between holding an American or Saudi