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August 14, 2010  |  Apple, My Life

I think that I have a gift when it comes to Apple products I can convert anyone into getting one product or another.  I started with my friends and converted all of the Twirlies (Swair, Sou, and Ananyah) to the Mac life with desktops/laptops.  Family came next and more and more friends, not to forget most of my previous work colleagues converted as well.  I am either evil or good I still haven’t decided but the best thing ever is how bad I converted my family.

I started with a Powerbook G4 12″ back in 2004 and in 2008 I got Daddy to come over to the dark-side oh wait I forgot to mention I switch Fee over in 2004 I got the Powerbook G4 and she got the iBook when she went to college.  It became a tradition Dee the next sister who went to college in 2007 got her first Macbook then because she is such a virus prone person on Windows and not that tech-savvy we had to get her something better.  I had an iMac in the house in which Sis #4 used but when she went to college last year she got her first Macbook Pro.  Daddy had joined the bandwagon the year before.  It’s quite a nice story isn’t it? :P

Now comes the talk of my iPhone conversion, every one of my family voiced their doubts and hate towards it but they immediately turned around and got one for themselves afterwards.  I got my first iPhone in 2008, the 3G model and it was a good one lasted 2 years with me until this year I converted to the iPhone 4.  Soon after I got my 3G, my aunt and her husband jumped on the wagon, then my Uncle.  The year after with the 3GS all three of them updated except for me.  This year my cousin got an iPhone 3GS and I got the iPhone 4, and let’s not forget the lovely couple who are always doubtful about the iPhone 4 they just got theirs a few days ago.

Fee just switched over from the Blackberry side and loves her iPhone 4, and Sis #4 will be getting hers shortly but the best piece of info is Daddy dearest converting to the dark side or the light side if you’d like :P He’s been my favorite Apple customer and I am glad to see him join me on this journey.

So in short, I am one of the greatest! :D

[P.S. Ananyah too got her iPhone 4 a few weeks ago! :)]

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    i have noticed more then once, when ever a person is in love with apple
    its greatly easy 2 convert others into getting an idevice
    just like u, i have converted the whole family, every 1 has either an iphone or an ipod touch, even my 3 year old brother is saying he wants an iphone,
    its quite nice,!

  2. loool i converted last year with my first macbook purchase, and then I sort of had the iphone 3gs shoved down my throat earlier this year :D

    inzain, jackio,, try to sell me Snow Leopard cuz I’m contemplating it, bs not very convinced ;p

  3. Looks like you’re a heavy consumer of Apple :)
    They should hire you in the marketing department

  4. I’ve been a Mac user since 2006, and I love it! But I can’t seem to convert my family members from switching to iPhones from there Blackberries! You should really help me out ;/ ;p

  5. Apple products are great, I shifted 2 years ago with the macbook pro. I’m waiting for my iPhone4 to arrive in a couple of weeks, i told my colleague ill put on sale if i dont like after using it for a week :P and shift to Android world

  6. Did you demonstrate FaceTime yet? :P

  7. Then I guess I’m on your side. I lost count how many people I convinced to convert to Apple products. The funny part is, I don’t blabber about it in front of them. I just open my Apple product, let it do its magic, and prepare for their questions. The next thing I know is them buying AAPL product.

    However, there’s a downside which I’m sure you’ll agree… I get calls from everyone regarding the simplest details, even people I don’t know! It’s really annoying to get a wakeup call @2:00am asking “How can I reduce screen brightness on my iPhone?” or “Where’s the minimize button on Mac applications?”. hmm.. :/

  8. a7md : Hehe it is very very easy to convert them and my baby cousins too have Apple devices hell I bought my 3 year old sister a Mac Mini and she messed the hell out of it hehe :)

    Enigma : Awwww isn’t it a beautiful world? And Snow Leopard is fine there isn’t that much drastic changes than Leopard but I liked the fact when I screenshot it saves it by the time and date rather than Picture 1, 2, 3 etc. And inshalla soon you get an iPad too :P

    Ms Loala : I so am hehe I should live in their Marketing Department but then again I don’t know how I will survive with the secrecy you know?! :P Hehehehe knowing a new product will come out and I have to stay quiet about it hehe aslan I will be jumping up and down inside!

    Na9er : I got my Dad to give up Blackberry and switch to the iPhone and well it’s really easy just show them how awesome it is :P Just make them jealous all the time!

    Mansour : Awww isn’t life with a Macbook easy? No more viruses and crap?! And yaaay iPhone4! Bs inshalla you’ll like it :D

    3baid : Ishrayeeeeek! I already FaceTimed my Aunt and her husband when she was in the UK and got hers for the first time and the first day I FaceTimed my sister since I got her an iPhone 4 as well as a birthday present :)

    MacaholiQ8 : I know sometimes it’s not the blabbering it’s just showing them and letting them ask the questions I have an Uncle who right now is considering the iPhone 4 after he was heavily against it, he wanted the N8 and was raving about that but then he got an iPod Touch for his kids and saw the games he’s like this is a fun device LOL! I’d love to have it as a phone and there you go now he’s trying to justify the purchase hehe :P And I hear you about the downside every Saturday at my Grandma’s house I sit there in the corner with my trusty Macbook trying to fix everyone’s things my Uncle comes and asks me to sync his iPhone to his laptop to organize stuff, how does this work, how does that work it’s a never ending saga I sometimes wish I didn’t introduce them to this world LOL!