[Best Ramadan Show] Saher El Lail

September 10, 2010  |  Hot, TV

The best TV show in these past 10 years is without a doubt Saher El Lail, it’s story clean, written so beautifully and filled with class (gone are the words we hear in every TV Show today), a love story filled with pain and love, something that we have missed in our television lives for so long.  We’ve gotten so used to those cheap trailer trash TV Shows always showcasing us as a drug filled, incest, s!@-obsessed society, one with no morals and values and where we abuse religion and everything around us.  We needed to get out of that mold and thank god this show came along.  Last year it was “Al Hadama” which gave us a similar story but this year “Saher El Lail” gave us more it made us all fall in love with its characters it made us wish we were in the 70s, it made us cry with Nasser & Lulwa, laugh with Nawaf & Dalal, and let’s not forget fall madly and deeply in love with Waleedan and understand a little bit of how handicapped individuals lived back then.

I would like to pass along an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, whatever award there is to this show and it’s actors.  I love how each name is famous on its own and that there were big names but they weren’t the focus.  I loved Hussein Al Mansour and how rational he was.  I loved loved loved Fatma Al Housini and believe me she is my best best actress in those TV Shows because I have yet to see her pick something bad since these past few years.  She matures real well just like fine wine.  Mahmoud & Abdullah Boushihiri I thank your parents for the jewel in acting they gave us because you guys did a great job in making us fall in love with your stories.  Each lived a different love story and where one failed the other succeeded.  The girls all of you rock, but let’s not forget that Haya Abdulsalam did an outstanding job.  Oh I think I saved the best for last and that is Basma Hamadah, this era and this genre of TV Shows is the best fit for you and I seriously seriously loved to hate her but in the end she was AWESOME.

Thank you Fahad Al 3elaiwa for this amazing story, thank you for writing the best show ever.  I would love to see it as a DVD Set so I can own it and watch it.  You know how throughout the show you were showing us those Om Kalthoum and Abdelhalim songs? I put your show right up there with them.  You are seriously a great talent and I’m looking forward to something even better next year.  Maybe another one of Nasser’s stories, maybe their kids can fall in love and we see Nasser & Lulwa together through their children.  Bravo and wishing you the ultimate best in your writing life!

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  1. I soooo agreeee with you. This show was really the best Kuwaiti series in Ramadan. The story is really amazing. I don’t know how zwarat 5amees gets all the attention with it’s stupid exaggerated story and this show doesn’t. Thank you Jacqui.

  2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    these days
    every show u see paints the same exact picture
    all u see is crying, family troubles, divorce, etc,
    you hardly get 2 see anything that paints out a good picture of life, as soon as ur done with the show u wonder do these problems really exists that much in our society
    hope i didn’t talk long, just something that crossed my mind,!

  3. OMG you totally ruined the ending for me BUT I AM GOING TO steal all those pics lol ;) im still working my way to the finale on episode 24 !! :( :( :( MY next show to start and catch up on laylat 3eed ;D

  4. it truly is the best show in ramadan! zwarat 5amees (even though I watched it) was not great!!
    haya is an amazing actor!! mashallah jamaal mo 6abee3i.. i think its because she’s Pakistani!


  5. May : Your welcome and I hated Zwarat Khames I watched it till the end to see what they would do since it was such a lame story I still think that the timing for that show should’ve been around 10pm and onwards since it’s not suitable for kids to watch. I still want to turn Saher El Lail into a DVD Set :D

    a7md : I totally agree with what you said and that’s why Saher El Lail painted a different picture and left a different print. Thanks alot and you didn’t talk too much el bait baitek enshalla :) Feel free to say whatever you’d like!

    your battlefield : Don’t bother with Lailat Eid it was pure crap I loved Saher El Lail just stick with this one and you’ll be done in no time :P

    Summer : I totally agree I am so in love with Haya Abdulsalam btw did you know that apparently she and Abdullah Boshihiri are a couple but in all the TV Shows that they acted in together (last year’s Akher Safqat 7ob) and some other show they fall in love but never end up together it makes me sad I wished that for once they did. Last year they were half brother/half sister.