Amazon’s New Kindle 2010

September 14, 2010  |  New Products, Random, Techie

I keep trying to curb my obsession, my addiction, my sickness really (and what a beautiful sickness it is) to buying new gadgets but it’s videos like these that make me drool and want more new electronic toys! I think it’s the hardest to shop for me, but not really since all I want are shiny new gadgets! (my preciousssss!)

Now I want to add the new Kindle to my old Kindle and iPad collection! I want to play with them nice games! Seriously!

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  1. Hehe cute video! I ordered mine already.. and the ipad is no competition in reading..

  2. gonna get mine tomorrowwwww :D

  3. ShoSho : Thanks yeah I know it’s so tempting hehehe and the iPad is seriously in a league on its own!

    nemo : Awesome congrats! Do share what you think of it :D