I is Fat!

September 14, 2010  |  My Life, Pissed Off

I am liking the fact that I am back to blogging as I used to before and I hope I can stick with it for reals this time but we never know what will happen.  Got a few scheduled posts will work on when I gets homes! But on to this year’s subject: I is fat!

I gained weight this past year (mostly in the tummy area) and I can’t seem to shake it, I joined a gym (but I guess it would help if I went [got 1 year membership and went for 1 month cool ha?])  My problem is  I don’t want to change my food habits but I guess one way to lose weight is to do just that, I’ve been eating like this since I was a teenager but then again I used to be stick thin (for those who remember me back in high school I was stuck at 40kgs until junior year in college) now I can honestly say I’ve gained a bit like 15-20kgs okay okay I guess I can say 18kgs to be exact (based on last time I weighed myself which was pre-Ramadan) but my main issue is if I had gained the weight equally around my body it would be fine however I never seem to do things right! I gained it all in tummy area and face! I’ve got a fat face now! Oh and my thighs got some too!

I hate seeing myself like this but I can’t do anything about it because well whenever I try I get depressed and feel like I want a miraculous change to push me to start.  Let’s just say doing sit ups isn’t that easy and I just hate how my tummy restricts most excercise! So what I’m trying to say here is I is fat to the extent my pants/jeans/shirts don’t fit me well anymore I feel a need to wear a garbage bag and just go out in that.  I hates myself.  I needs a miracle!

Fairy Godmother if you’re out there I’d like my wish right now please.

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  1. YOU is not fat at all! I is fat and I just joined the gym which is awesome! join me for fun, disco spin, hip hop, aquafit, virtual cycling :D

  2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    i have the same problem as you but my weight is equally distributed through my bad, so yesterday i went out to GNC and got some proteins so when i go to them gym i would workout and try to shred those pounds off.
    i would recommend u do the same thing, and i little change in ur food habit would do a lot u just need to commit into going 2 the gym and set a weight to reach and in no time u will be back the way u were,!

  3. You need to GYM it out. I suggest you take up Swera on her offer because its always good to have a gym buddy. Or gym it out with Auntie.

    And limit your crazy eating to once a week.

    P.S. You is not Fat.

  4. swera : Yes I is fat very fat! And I would go to the gym but I am too lazy for it! I wanna sleep and eat as much as I want and stay thin like I used to! Remember me in college?

    a7md : I can’t commit to the gym because I feel exhausted at 4pm when I leave work and so I dunno :/ But oh well hopefully things will change!

    Sister no4 : Yes I is fat! I don’t fit in my jeans! And I should at least use that treadmill we’ve got at home right?