[TV Premiere] Hellcats

September 14, 2010  |  Reviews, TV

The Fall TV Season is on to us and we’re starting to see those new TV Shows filling our schedules or rather mine, this year I’ve got a whole bunch and around 49 shows is what I’m going to try to follow, I am seriously thinking of starting a sister blog to this one in which I talk all TV Shows, what do you guys think?

Anyways, let’s get back to the point, I find that my guiltiest pleasure in the world is following those cheerleader movies/tv shows.  I mean we all watch them and think “damn if only I could bend like that or have abs like that..” or if it’s guys then it’s a different story.  But that’s not the point, the point is that The CW has added a new show to their Fall Schedule list and in a way they’ve brought in a rival to Fox’s Glee in which you get to see similar stories happen in two different areas the only difference is Hellcats takes place in College, the girls are definitely hotter, and when you see them doing their routines it takes greater courage not to jump out of your seat and do the same moves and injure yourself in the process.

This new show stars Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins (our heroine), Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) as Savannah Monroe, Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura, Robbie Jones (One Tree Hill – as Quentin)  as Lewis Flynn, Matt Barr (One Tree Hill – as Psycho Derek) as Dan Patch, with Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge and Gail O’Grady as Wanda Perkins.

I definitely will put this one out there as recommended for those rainy days and definitely a MUST watch for cheer leading fanatics!

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  1. I love that show, reminds me of One Tree Hill