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September 15, 2010  |  Apple, Deep Thoughts, Random

I’ve used and read this phrase quite often since I’ve gone over to the dark side, you know the side where iPhones are the new children and where apps are where all your money goes into.  Ever since July 2008, I’ve been an addict taking my iPhone everywhere and anywhere, doing everything with it.  Hell if I could sleep with it I would, oh wait, I actually did sleep with it once.

It was under my pillow you dingbags! Timing my sleep pattern and all that jazz, yes I’ve got an app that does that.  There are apps out there doing everything nowadays hell it can even pop your popcorn! But back to my point, as I was driving this morning I thought to myself people are now using their iPhone and Blackberry to email others and write posts on their blogs among other things but you always see this tagline in the end.  I thought to myself, why is it there?

Is it to warn those who are reading that if you find any misspelled words it’s because I was hunched over a tiny cramped keyboard clicking my thumbs away? But then again most of those emails are spelling errors free and read better than when you typed them on your computer.  So that must not be it.  Could it be that they want us to know that you are some rich dimwit who has the $$$ to buy a smartphone such as the iPhone/Blackberry? Hmmm no I don’t think so either.

I kept wondering why do we see this “Sent from my iPhone/iPad/Blackberry” there has to be a reason and I am willing to hear your explanations! So hit me with them.

For those of you who don’t know me that well, this was a filler post or an attempt at trying to sound smart, because I just might not be that smart.

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    u got a good point, i think 1 reason is there so let people know that you r not near a computer or that not all the attachments u received can be open.
    and i think another reason 4 it is that you can track back when did u send the e-mail knowing that u had sent it from ur iphone, or it might be as u said two show that misspells can happen while typing on a phone,!

  2. a7md : Thanks and yeah I guess it is a wise point what you’re mentioning but in the end we will never know why such a phrase exists. Thanks for entertaining my thoughts.