[Unboxing] Amazon Kindle 2009

September 15, 2010  |  Birthday, My New Toys, Unboxing

Since you’ve all known me to be the Queen of Procrastination and I’ve procrastinated almost a year I think it’s time to give you my unboxing pictures of my other Birthday gift.  This time the lucky person who got the chance to gift me with this beautiful gift is none other than my sister Your Battlefield (aka Sister No 3) don’t they love me?  She, unlike Sister No 4, went for the expensive shizzle and got me both the Kindle 2009 model (3G but not the International Version) as well as the Kindle cover to protect my baby.  And as much as I loved my Kindle back then the iPad really took over because I mainly like to read at night.

Some of you asked me how it was using a Kindle in Kuwait and all, well let’s just say buying books you will have to use 1-click settings and that only worked on the US issued credit cards and since I had plenty of that I was able to use it in Kuwait.  If I were to download a book via the 3G connection I was charged an extra 2.99$ therefore I opted out of that feature and left the connection off, choosing to connect my baby to the computer whenever I had a new book to read unlike my beautiful iPad and unlike the new Wifi Only Kindle (hint hint: on this year’s birthday list)  So in short this is an awesome device to have when you don’t want any distractions (read: Angry Birds) and it lives up to its features so if you’re looking for an e-Book Reader keep all the other ones out because Kindle is definitely in! I’ve been buying Kindle books long before I had an actual Kindle device and I’ve read them on my iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC.  It’s really awesome.

Here are the lovely unboxing photos :D Enjoy!

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    nice, i guess since u have this one u will sure get the new 1,!

  2. a7md : I sure will try to get the new one :P Maybe another Birthday present or something :P