[Unboxing] Apple iPod Nano (RED) 2009

September 15, 2010  |  Apple, Birthday, My New Toys, Unboxing

So the last time I celebrated my birthday it was December 2009, I got all my gifts the last week of December itself and I’ve had these pictures on my computer for the past 10 months or so.  I have yet to upload them and write anything about them so I thought okay before I turn 27 :0 I have decided that I should dedicate these next few posts to the unboxing of my toys and giving a little short review about them.

So, remember back then? I wrote a Birthday Wishlist? Well if you don’t you can click [here] and get a glimpse.  I wished for a Red iPod Nano (5th Generation) to add to my odd numbered iPod Nano collection since I started with the 1st generation, went to the 3rd, and finally started craving the 5th.  And who should pick out that exact gift to give me on my birthday other than my lovely, smart, talented sister, Sister No 4 (although she was a little stingy and went for the 8GB model) but it’s the thought that counts right?

So I got my beautiful engraved iPod Nano (Product RED) when she came back for Xmas break and I love it.  Apple does iPods perfectly and it does everything it promises you that it should do, film videos, listen to music, listen to radio, play your pictures, etc.  I am very happy with it and therefore I now give you my unboxing library :D

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    niiiice, i feel like apple should of kept the same design, i hope i would get gifts 4 my birthday or at least some 1 to remember its my birthday not going 2 every 1 and say guess what its my B-day lol,!

  2. Hey I wasn’t Stingy just not very attentive. Plus you have 365 other iPods you don’t need the 16GB. 8GB is good ’nuff.

  3. a7md : Hehehe write a post in which you describe what you want for your birthday that way at least you can be sure others will get you stuff you want like I do every year hehe and inshalla they do :D

    Sister no4 : Yeah Yeah you were stingy! :P