[Apple] iPod Nano 6th Generation Accessories

September 21, 2010  |  Apple, I want.., Techie

One of the reasons many of us (or rather me in particular) are jumping on the new iPod Nano train is because of it’s new redesign.  One of the things Steve Jobs mentioned in his Keynote was that a boardmember will be wearing his nano as a watch and well I would love to wear mine too!

So what happened? We’ve got an overflow of 3rd party manufacturers creating wrist straps and accessories to do just that, turn your iPod Nano to a really awesome and cool watch.

One of my favorites is Incipio’s Linq which is coming soon in the first weeks of October for a price tag of 25$ it’s also available in a selection of colors and you know what I’m going to grab one for me!  That way I won’t lose it and I’ll protect it’s beautiful body! [Source]

If you want a cheaper option? There is the iLoveHandles model which comes in 1 color and goes for the price tag of 19.95$ and it’s actually called the “Rock Band” but it feels too masculine for me so I’ll pass up on that. [Source]

Under more of a budget? You might wanna try the Maratac Zulu Watch Straps which work on regular watches as well and go for a price tag of 17$ they come in colors too and were first seen on Gizmodo. [Source]

So which one would you go for? Any of the ones mentioned here?

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    many companies r trying to release them as son as they can cuz they know many companies r going 2 make them 2.
    i think many people expected an iwatch from apple, and well with the new design and well apple gave it 2 them sort of, they can use this as an iwatch till apple come with 1, but i think these companies r taking advantage of the ppl and the price tag is a bit high 4 this,!

  2. a7md : True that’s why I’m waiting to buy the perfect one :)

  3. how do i purchase the Incipio’s Linq