Unboxing Packages!

September 21, 2010  |  My New Toys, Techie, Unboxing

So I left work early because I had some stuff to do at home and by the time I was halfway home I got a call from Lujain telling me that “Your iPod nanoooooo has arriveeeeed” in her kiddy voice :P I told her yes I know and so is yours! She said nooooo I see only 1 box with iPod Nano the others have Electronics, Phone Accessories, etc.  I was like yours is there believe me.. needless to say she didn’t believe me but when I got home we made a bet on which box belongs to whom and well I won simply because I had the tracking numbers memorized (geeky much?!)

Anywho so these were some of what were awaiting me the last package needs a whole new post for its unboxing and well I am in love!

P.S. All these items were from Amazon.com the other was from Apple.com

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    congrats on ur new stuff, u’ve gotten me tempted into buying things, i still can’t believe u actually memorized the tracking which is at least 10 digits.
    and i will await the ipod nano un-boxing.
    if u can please do a blog post on how the iphone 4 external battery is, thnx in advance,!

  2. a7md : Thanks I will be posting about both the iPod nano and the external battery pack. It’s fun though!