Happy October

October 1, 2010  |  My Life

It’s finally October!

That means that 2010 is almost over we’ve got only 2 months left and well the hopes that I had for this year kind of dashed outside the window but oh well life goes on doesn’t it? I have high hopes for my birthday however I am planning to give myself awesome gifts! (When have I never given myself awesome gifts LOL!)  At least one thing is getting better this year and that’s me writing again in my blog I seemed to have lost touch, lost faith/hope/ambition to write but now I am finding it slowly and I will gain it again!

It’s hard sometimes trying to get out of the dark spots that life puts you in but you still have to fight for it to at least make it out.  I am trying to bury myself in my tech toys to find the love I miss and want but who knows how that will work out.  I guess it’s enough ranting for now I will leave you all and wish you a happy October may you all find happiness that you deserve and wish for!

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    happy october 2 every 1,
    i can’t wait till 2011 is here
    it would a good idea if u were 2 write what r ur goals that u would like 2 achieve during the year of 2011
    good luck,!

  2. It means WINTER is coming yooohoooo :)

    happy belated birthday in advance :*

  3. a7md : I am not the type to write the goals because if they don’t come true I will probably be depressed hehe :s

    swera : It’s not belated until you miss it hehehe so it’s happy early maybe :P I love you :* And I love winter too!