[Unboxing] Nokia N8

October 1, 2010  |  iPhone, Nokia, Unboxing

The fellows over at Engadget have gotten their hands on a Nokia N8 and performed their unboxing of the device.

Not only that but they also ran some camera reviews in comparison with the iPhone 4, it’s quite good stuff but I still see that the iPhone 4 is a winner in my books.  It was said that the Nokia N8’s touch screen ran slower than the iPhone but I’m not sure, won’t be sure until I get my hands on one, and right now the way things are going I’m burning out through my savings so I won’t be getting one soon LOL!

Anyways enjoy the boxing and the review :D

[Source] Nokia N8 Unboxing

[Source] Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4: Camera Showdown

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    yes the Nikon n8 is a good phone but i think Nokia took 2 long to try 2 fix their phones and that many people moved 2 other companies and other platforms of the OS,
    i think that Nokia would do so good if they changed their OS which many people r reporting that Nokia is planning 2 move into the android OS,
    any yes the iphone 4 is the best and their is no comparison and the iphone 4 will always win,!

  2. nokia, my mortal enemy !!

  3. a7md : you mean the Nokia N8 hehe not Nikon and yeah it’s too late for them but they might be able to turn their luck around.

    noon : it used to be my friend but now apple is my love!