Gadget Deal of the Day: iPhone 4

October 6, 2010  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, iPhone

Eureka amazes me with their latest offers and they did it again! Dropping their prices down significantly since the last time we saw their ad last Thursday, they gave us another 1 day only sale for the iPhone 4 both the 16GB model which is selling for 244.900 KD and the 32GB model selling for 269.900 KD.  It’s getting tempting even for me, a person who already has an iPhone 4 I just feel the need to convert everyone else onto the iPhone 4 band wagon and you know what I am almost succeeding!

Electrozan did not stay quiet however, and gave us the same “explosive offer” they had last weekend but the prices are simply not enough to compare it with Eureka, also I heard not so good press from people who bought from there, lots of issues and stuff but that’s what you get when you buy your electronics from Kuwait.

Anyways enjoy and if you don’t have an iPhone 4 go ahead and buy one right now and link me to your unboxing or whatever just share the news :D

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  1. eureka have really changed their marketing strategy

  2. Eureka seems to be burning through prices! Same thing with the iPad!

    If you want cheaper check out! Thats even cheaper!

  3. Marzouq : Not for all the models though.. they’ve got some models cheap but some are expensive too :S