[Gadget Deal] iPod Touch 4th Generation

October 11, 2010  |  Apple, Gadget Deals

Eureka is holding another one of their 1-day only deals! This time on the new iPod Touch 4th Generation.  They are offerring it at very competitive prices and I can’t help but feel tempted to grab one but I must exert some self-control because I am spending a ton of cash on gadgets and I need to learn to save and say “No”!

iPod Touch 8GB  – 75 KD

iPod Touch 32GB – 99KD

iPod Touch 64GB – 135 KD

For those of you who want to experience the iPhone 4 experience but without changing your phone and get all the awesome games.  Go ahead and grab it today.

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  1. Eureka emkasreeeen elsoooq walla

  2. if you have the iPod Touch 3rd Gen I don’t think its worth it to get the 4th Gen just for Face Time!

    FYi Apple disabled Facetime for MidEast use! It’s annoying! Some people’s phones don’t even have it!

  3. fereej : Totally! But only on those 1 day sale days :D

    Marzouq : I have the iPod Touch 1st gen I would get this model only for the sake of having the latest generation I seem to like it when they jump ship and change the look of the models hehe ;P And FaceTime was only disabled in some countries not all.. depending on their laws for VOIP video calls I think.