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October 12, 2010  |  Apple, iPhone Apps

The iPhone 4 brought to us a new way of video-calling with it’s FaceTime feature. I am not sure if many touch screen phones out there have a form of video-calling but the cool thing about the iPhone is that you can now establish calls on your Wi-Fi network without succumbing to the insane Video Calling charges or even scrambling to your closest computer.

But the one area where the iPhone 4 failed is that Face Time is still Wi-Fi only and not supported on 3G and sometimes you are not in a Wi-Fi zone so you can’t make that video call, so different third parties are trying to give you that 3G calling edge. This is where Yahoo Messenger! comes in, they have updated their iPhone App to now support multitasking, Wi-Fi video calling (iOS to iOS, iOS to Adnroid, or even iOS to PC) and 3G support as well. You can even get instant notifications.

It’s like really cool, it’s what the Skype app should be like because why do I want only voice calls on my phone and not video calls since I have dual facing cameras! I tried it out last night with mom and she was on her PC and it worked awesomely! Now I just have to get some of my sisters to download and create a Yahoo Account and viola we’ll be done!

So go check it out at the App Store, it’s free!

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    i must say this is a big step yahoo took which will result in more people using yahoo messenger over other providers
    am going 2 download it and give it a try

  2. Its a good step for Yahoo but the last time I used Yahoo Messenger was 1998/9!

  3. a7md : I gave it a try what I liked most is that even people with computers can talk to you now sort of what I wanted with Skype! But Skype is snoozing and others are taking over!

    Marzouq : LOL I have it only for family and I don’t always use it LOL!