Save the Date: October 20th’s Back to the Mac

October 15, 2010  |  Apple, Shout Outs

I think we should all save this date because something new is coming from Apple and I think I need to cash in on a couple of advisory sessions I’ve been having with the family, mama needs a new Macbook Pro or Air or both perhaps :P And I’d love to grab that soon!

I feel that this place is turning into an Apple only blog I think I need to jazz it up a bit, anyways October 20th the date where we might see new Macbook Airs, a Verizon iPhone or even the latest OSX maybe called “Lion”?? I’ll be there waiting to tune in! Next Tuesday!

P.S. Depending on how cool the new Macbook Air would be I might grab one as well as a Macbook Pro, mother looks at me and rolls her eyes starts to say my name and I stop her saying “But I’m building my own library I need them!” Yeah I need help! Apple-aholics Annoymous anyone?


Bring it on!

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    i am awaiting this day and can’t wait 4 it
    and i must say the lion is a cool name 2 go with
    if they do update their macbook air i will be getting 1 def.
    and i hear that apple is updating their iLife since many are reporting the number of iLife in the apple stores are limited
    guess will wait till 20th of october and see,!

  2. بس خلاص ما في احد يستخدم بي سي في البيت حتي المسكينة ماما تحولت ماك ماك
    اي فون4 +اي باد+الحين ماك بوك
    الظاهر انك تاخذين عمولة من ستيف جوبس
    لمعلوماتك يمكن اسافر يوم 17 لوس انجلوس يمكن
    واشتري ماك بوك برو قبلك
    ماك ماك

  3. Maybe a Touchscreen iMac !! they applied for the patents earlier in 2005 aswell .. here look at the link below.

    i will get one for sure, if it comes out on 20th !! can’t wait :D

  4. a7md : Well at least they told us to save the date a week before the event and not a month before because then we’d be going crazy speculating with what’s new hehe :P And I agree with everything you said!

    Dad : Hehehe Daddy i didn’t mean I will get Mama one.. I meant me… I am the mama in this post because all the Mac products are my children my babies.. your grandkids. Hehehe and no I wish I took comission from Steve Jobs but unfortunately not. I thought that trip was postponed? I think it means I’ll get a nice Mac Birthday present then :P

    Karbonfiber : Not sure I would jump bandwagon on a Touchscreen iMac from the first model I’ll wait for a refresh for that.. Already have my Quad-core iMac and facing some issues with it. But a new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro is a done deal for me :D

  5. Well i agree on that with u .. apple seems to always have trouble with the first generation devices.
    i guess i was too excited when i read abt it .. i am now RECONSIDERING ma plans .. LOL :P