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October 18, 2010  |  Accessories, Techie

So last night I had a strong hankering for ordering some electronics, I think that October marks the month that I went overboard for my electronic addiction I seriously need to seek some help, but that’s beyond the point, it was the first time I ever tried Blink.com.kw.

I’ve been looking forward to grabbing the Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4 since Daddy has been having trouble with the battery life in Milan.  He is out for most part of the day and uses his iPhone a lot and so when he gets home he practically is down to 20-30% of the battery life, let’s just say he uses it as a GPS (Google Maps) more than often!  So I thought let’s get him that, I also wanted one but couldn’t order it since there were limited quantity, but again that’s beyond the point.  On Mophie.com you would find the battery pack for around 80-90$ so roughly around 25KD and with shipping another 5 KD it would probably come down to 30KD whereas Blink was offering it at a nice price of 37KD, I thought it was a steal and went right ahead and ordered one.

I wanted the iHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm clock because with the iPhone it brings you some awesome stuff and I had seen it on Amazon for around 80$ late last week (as of today however it’s at 67$) I factored in that the box weighs around 1.5kg but we know it won’t be that it’ll probably be heavier because Amazon will pack it in a bigger box so I would probably be paying anything from 32KD and above, on Blink it was priced at 30KD and I could have it instantly! I was a happy camper.

Placing the order wasn’t hard almost like any other website (except for the issue where my area was not listed there but after contacting them they managed to add it in).  The delivery was awesome! I had scheduled for next-day delivery and I had specified that I wanted it to be delievered between 2pm – 6pm in a separate email and guess what?  At exactly 2pm it was delivered to my house! Was awesome stuff!!!

All in all it was a great shopping experience, some items are priced more than what you can find in other prices but for the odd bits and pieces you can actually find good deals out there.  I highly recommend using them for your next electronic fix! I know I probably will, I think someone needs to hide my credit card/debit card, no seriously some does.


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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    its cool 2 c a company that provides a service like that
    but i think that when there is its because they charge way 2 much 4 their products
    thanks 4 the service review,!

  2. don’t forget to send it today to Milan!!!
    thank you

  3. Thought about ordering a printer from them but they only had 2 brands and they’re a little bit over priced, no?

  4. greetings apple guru! since you are quite the distinguished master in electronics, i was wondering if you could provide some guidance on my question: will the juice pack on blink work on the 3GS model?

    Thanks in advance!:D

  5. a7md : Your welcome and although they can be expensive for some products they do have some good deals for others. It’s good overall.

    Dad : Now you have it :)

    Miss Good Egg : Kinda depending on what you are ordering but somethings they are better than other places.

    applenoob? : Greetings back at ya :) There is another model on blink that works with the 3G and 3GS if you just search for juice pack or mophie you will be able to get it. And it’s nice and all but adds bulk to your iPhone which I kinda don’t like.

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