[Apple] Details on MacBook Air

October 21, 2010  |  Apple, I want.., New Products

Some details that were not mentioned in the Keynote was the new packaging of the MacBook Air.  It now comes with a Software Reinstall Drive in the form of a Memory Stick (USB) therefore it’ll be even easier to wipe out that memory and install a new OS or restore it with, I think the next decade will witness the Farewell to optical drives and Hello Flash drives.

Another note that was glossed over was the fact that there is now an option to upgrade all MacBook Air’s to 4GB of RAM and not stay with the 2GB which we were stuck with in previous generations.   The extra 2GB of Ram will cost you only 100$ and is worth it in my books.  I will seriously be ordering one of these bad boys very soon! I just need to pull the funds from here and there.

My ideal model would be the 13-inch model with upgraded processor to 2.13Ghz, 4GB of Ram, and a 256GB Flash memory (I need the extra space and the 11.6-inch doesn’t give me 256GB!)

P.S. Isn’t the packaging simply adorable!

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  1. Told you i am getting one next month , if you want something from the state let me know :)

  2. I knew you would think about this.

    Yet….I would never go with the Mac Air. I like to stick to the Macbook Pro especially the new 2.8 GHz that was out yesterday and of course the Lion !!!!

  3. No touch screen iMac!! :(
    Apple u disappoint me once again ! ahh well there is always a next tyme.

    Btw the new OS looks awesome .. wot do u think ?

  4. OK
    I am the first to order one today:
    13-inch model
    with upgraded processor to 2.13Ghz,
    4GB of Ram, and
    a 256GB Flash memory.
    its a gift for you

    you will have it before Nov 5th.

    this is your gift
    from Milan.

  5. Frankom : LOL why are you going to the US next month?

    His : Lion is awesome and the Macbook Pro too but I think that more updates will be coming out to make it a more powerful machine therefore in my books the ideal year for MacBook Pro’s will be 2011 since i-Core processors will be more out then. MacBook Air will give me time to coast until then and enjoy the new everything on it.

    Karbonfiber : Yeah it does look insanely awesome and I don’t think a touch-screen iMac will be awesome it just gets too hard to hold ur hand up and touch the screen when it comes to desktops, tablets on the other hand is easy.

    Dad : Awww thanks daddy hehe :P I love you for it!

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