[Unboxing] MacBook Air 13″ Late 2010

November 7, 2010  |  Apple, My New Toys, New Products, Unboxing

The time has come to witness another Apple gadget unboxing on my beautiful and lovely blog.  I believe that this year I have gone overboard in the purchases of my Apple products and although I am disappointed in myself a bit for going overboard I am proud.  Also I would like to make a shoutout to my daddy since he is the one who has been funding and enabling this Apple obsession of mine to continue!

On November 2nd I got my MacBook Air and was insanely happy with it! I can’t believe how beautiful a machine it is! I have read numerous reviews about it and I can honestly say that the reviews do it justice if not more! I am looking forward to putting up my review within the next 48 hours and I guess it’ll give you an idea on what I think of it, but off the bat I can honestly say it was simply and deliciously sexy to unbox and oggle at! Also it’s not as sharp as the first generation was and therefore I am glad for that!  Setting it up was insanely awesome as it took only a maximum of 5 minutes to set it up! Flash memory really does a difference.

I think I will leave you now to enjoy these unboxing pictures and be sure to drop a line here on what you think of it :D

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  1. I LOVE your workstation! :D and those teddy bears! :P
    I’m not sure if I should get a Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air…hmm…

  2. Have mercy on us weaklings, Jacqui. I’m literally dying here.

    In all seriousness, I’m glad that you have such a cool dad who understands one’s passion for gadgetry. Mine, unfortunately, is very practical, but still generous enough once he realizes how much I want a piece of tech :P

    Anyway, enjoy your purchase! I’m looking forward for the review!

  3. Mabrook :) etkasrena bel 3afya :>

  4. yah yah yah shakla cool :)

    Congraaaaaaaaaats :*

  5. Finally :D

    Mabroook .. etkasrena bel 3afiaa .. now you will let us wait for the usage review ;)

    battery life, performance and all :p

    3alech bel 3afia :)

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    ناوي على بو 11 انش بس للأسف طلعت فيه مشكله ومنتظر يعدلونها بكرت الشاشه

    ممكن بس تذكرين جم خذوا منج آراميكس ؟


  7. i think the last pic is the most interest one :D i think it will cost al0o0o0t to have all of this in my r0om :D anyway Congratulations and waiting for your review ;)

  8. Photon : Hehehe thanks and well in regards to which to get I think you need to explain to me what you would use the laptop for? MacBook Air is a powerful machine but you do have to make some sacrifices for it.

    Angelo : Hehehehe thanks alot and yeah my dad is amazing :P He just left to the US and will be getting me my other gadgets from there hehe I just love a technological christmas, birthday, etc etc!

    Frankom : Allah e3afeeek dear :D

    swera : Hehehe it is very cool and thanks hon!

    The Spanian : Thanks allah e3afeek and will do of course… it’s just these past two weeks I wasn’t free but now that I have the rest of the Eid Holiday off I will be able to do stuff :D Yay!

    أبوفلان : Allah e3afeek dear! And yeah I also want an 11″ but that problem is fixable using Software updates which they are releasing :) so no worries there, as for the charges Aramex took 16 KD for the MacBook Air 13″ the other model will be a bit less. Will tell you once my 11″ hits Kuwait via Aramex.

    mo_alnady : Hehehehe probably but that’s the beauty of my life :P I loves my Mac products and will deliver a review ASAP.