2010 Birthday Wishlist

November 8, 2010  |  Birthday, Wishlist

So in less than a month I will be celebrating my 27th birthday (gosh darnit another year older, closer to that Old retirement home are we? :P) No seriously, I will be old but young at heart I guess.  Therefore it is that time of the year where I write my Birthday Wishlist, however one thing that is different is I will include items I wanted all year long and those that were acquired will have a comment next to them, kind of to show me how much I love myself and my father since he is the one enabling me to be this way LOL!

So let’s go on and tackle what I wish for this year, and since I’m older I need to get more and more gifts!

  1. iPad 3G [acquired]
  2. iPhone 4 [acquired]
  3. Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation [acquired]
  4. Apple TV [acquired]
  5. Latest 6″ Wifi Kindle [Link]
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab (just because it’s tiny and pretty and I’d love to collect gadgets) [Link]
  7. Blackberry Torch (Red) (just because it’s beautiful) [Link]
  8. MacBook Air 13″ [acquired]
  9. MacBook Air 11″ [acquired]
  10. Kitten [acquired 2 virtual kittens courtesy of the iPhone4]
  11. Waterfield’s Muzetto Bag 13″ [Link]
  12. The Vampire Diaries Merchandise [DVD Set] [Damon’s Ring] [Damon’s Necklace]

This year seems to be a gadget year for me and most importantly it’s been an Apple year of products.  I am seriously crazy and I think I need some sort of help but no I just love my gadgets and treat them as my kids.

So elves, get crackin’ and start buying me gadget shit, if you do then I’ll love you forever!  They say a Sagittarian loves shiny objects and there is nothing shinier than a brand new gadget to unbox and unwrap and love and cuddle forever.  (Yes I realize the last sentence had a lot of ands but I like it that way!)

I loves you all! Thanks for the gifts in advance, and yes I accept cash too :P

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  1. I want a kitten too, they are so cute and wonderful creatures
    happy birth day `btw

  2. eshrayech ayeeeblech Ian Somerhalder eb kobra?! :D

  3. LOL ! why dont you create amazon wishlist so anyone can purchase they items you need as a gift for your bday :P

    Kel 3am oo enti eb khair moqadaman :)

  4. il kitten dasha 3ar’6 sara7a
    mashalaah kela apple stuff , ur an apple freak

  5. i litereally want EVERYTHING on your list! they are 100% going on my myregistry.com wishlist! =] thanks for the ideas!

  6. now thats a very electronic wishes :p

  7. nuni : Thanks for the birthday wishes although it’s a little bit early :D But yeah I would love to have a kitten!

    swera : Hells YEAH!

    Qortuba Valley : I kinda did then I didn’t :P Because most items are not found on Amazon well some really. And thanks alot dear :D

    noon : 7ada but she’ll wreak havoc on my Apple gadgets :P

    Jane : Thanks alot :D Glad you liked my list

    bananaQ8 : Yup I’m like that I love electronics :P

  8. I have never seen so many Apple products all piled up in one list! mengaaaal Apple Fan girl. Though keep in mind Galaxy runs on Android which is a completely different operating system. What’s so amazing is you can call people, as oppose to the Ipad where you can’t. I’m a huge Android lover, so feel free to contact whenever a questions slips your mind.

    Now apart from the Galaxy Tab, only other thing I want is a kitten. Fluffy Cuteness is just too powerful.

  9. Kuwaitiful : Hehehe I am a huge Apple Fan girl and it’s cool. I can’t seem to fall in love with the Galaxy nor figure it out. Therefore I’ll scratch it off the list hehe… And kittens are absolutely adorable!